Four misunderstandings when buying solid wood furniture

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Solid wood furniture is the kind of furniture that is closest to nature and natural. It is also very beneficial for our body. Because the solid wood furniture itself is made of logs, the price is also high, and we Before buying solid wood furniture, you should learn more, observe, strictly control the quality of solid wood furniture, and make your life really close to nature. Here are four major misunderstandings for the purchase of solid wood furniture:

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Four misunderstandings when buying solid wood furniture

1. The heavier the wood, the harder it is.

A salesperson showed the reporter the rubber wood partition in the cabinet. "You see that this partition is so heavy. You don't print it with your hand. This shows that the wood is good." In another brand store, the salesperson The reporter said: "You see that our wood is very thick and the hardness is extremely high, second only to mahogany, the quality is of course good." When the reporter asked about the stability of the furniture, the salespersons would say that the wood used is hard, so stability Very good.

Experts explained: Sun Shudong, director of the Furniture Inspection and Wood Identification Laboratory of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that the more stable the wood density is, the more stable it is. Like some stable woods such as teak, pineapple, nanmu, etc., their density is not high, and the high density and quality are not necessarily proportional. The reason why redwood is mahogany is not only its high density, but also the beautiful pattern, the wood is fine and smooth, and it can be called good wood without high density.

2. Is the straight material better than the finger joint material?

A salesperson said that the door panels of their wardrobes are two pieces of the whole board that are directly put together. Because the wood is a whole piece, the price is high, and the finger-joined materials and the laminated materials are all made of corner scraps, of course not. Ok. "But there are also furniture salesmen who use laminated materials to tell reporters that the whole piece of wood is unstable in performance and easy to deform and crack.

Experts explained: It means that the materials and the laminated materials do use the branches and coffins, and there are no good or bad problems. Sun Shudong introduced that it improves the utilization rate of wood, and compared with the solid wood sawn timber of the same species (the so-called straight composite material on the market), the performance is relatively stable, and it is less prone to deformation and cracking; from the price point of view, it is relatively cheap; Slightly insufficient, consumers can choose according to their own needs.

3. Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly?

In the investigation, more than one salesperson told reporters that solid wood furniture is the most environmentally friendly. Is this really the case?

Experts explain: the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is also relative. From a traditional point of view, solid wood furniture is made of pure natural materials, artificial boards contain formaldehyde, etc., and solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly. But in fact, from the perspective of “big environmental protection”, the production of solid wood furniture requires the cutting down of a large amount of wood, and the artificial board has high utilization rate, high production efficiency, low cost, and is not easily deformed, and today's sheet furniture can also achieve higher. Environmental standards, solid wood furniture is actually more destructive to the environment than artificial boards.

4. Deformation cracking of solid wood furniture is inevitable?

In the process of visiting the market, some board and wood furniture salesmen said that solid wood furniture is easy to crack and deform, which is not particularly good. Some solid wood furniture salesmen also said that the deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture is inevitable, and the company will provide certain Repair service. Is this the truth?

Experts explained: wood is prone to the problem of swelling and shrinking, but if the production process is in place, the wood is dry and well, leaving the seam in place, and the solid wood furniture is not easy to crack and deform. In the production process of solid wood furniture, the most important thing is the wood drying process. If the drying is not done well, the furniture made will be easy to crack and deform. If it is dry, the stress of the wood itself will be eliminated, and there will be no deformation. Cracking problem.

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