The processing technology of the large core board is divided into two types: machine fight and hand fight.

The processing technology of the large core board is divided into two types: machine fight and hand fight.

Hand-made is to manually insert the wooden strip into the splint. The wooden strip is subjected to less pressing force, uneven splicing, large gap, poor nail holding force, and cannot be sawed and processed. It is only suitable for sub-projects of partial decoration. Such as the solid wood floor cushion board and so on. The plate of the machine is subjected to a large pressing force, the gap is extremely small, the splicing is flat, the bearing capacity is uniform, long-term use, compact structure and not easy to deform.

  Different materials and different quality. The large core board is divided into “excellent products”, “first-class products” and “qualified products” according to the quality of the materials and the texture of the surface materials. There are also companies that mark the grades of grades A , double A and triple A , but this is only corporate behavior, which is inconsistent with national standards, which is currently not allowed on the market.

  There are many kinds of wood core boards, such as poplar, birch, pine, and paulownia. Among them, poplar and birch are the best, the texture is dense, the wood is not soft and hard, the nail holding power is strong, and it is not easy to be deformed, and the paulownia The texture is very light, soft, absorbs large water, has poor nail holding power, and is not easy to dry. During the use of the produced sheet, when the water evaporates, the sheet is easy to dry and deform. The hard wood is hard, not easy to press, the splicing structure is not good, the nail holding power is poor, and the deformation coefficient is large.

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