Why is the pores always thick?

We must find the reason for the pores becoming thicker in order to prescribe the right medicine.

Why is the pores always thick?

Pore ​​thickening trap 1: too many maintenance steps, too much skin care products.

Although skin care is important, pay attention to moderation. Excessive skin care products, nutrition, skin can not absorb, stay on the skin, causing pores blocked, as a result, the pores will be more and more. If you want to shrink your pores, you must be patient and take proper care to get your skin back.

Pore ​​thickening trap 2: Apply lotion directly to the skin by hand.

Direct contact with the skin is easy to bring the bacteria on your hands to the skin. The lotion should be poured into a cotton pad to wipe the entire face for moisturizing. Therefore, when using lotion, it is recommended to use cotton pad as a skin care tool. First, the cotton pad can save the amount of lotion. In addition, it is possible to wipe the entire face. When using a cotton pad, the contours around the eyes and the face. Even the sides of the nose can be taken care of.

The pores become thick and trap 3: The beauty liquid is only applied to the skin.

Want to shrink pores, beauty liquid is a good choice, but if it is simply applied to the face, its effect of shrinking pores can not be fully exerted. As long as the correct massage technique is used, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort. After applying the perfect liquid, gently cover the hands with thick pores, use the temperature of the palm to accelerate the penetration of the essence, and press properly to promote blood circulation.

The pores become thick and trapped 4: The tight airtight makeup causes the pores to clog.

The skin is breathing all the time, and those who have been applying makeup for too long, excessive makeup is a long-term "suffocating" abuse of the pores of the skin. Of course, the pores can not only breathe, but also the sebum inside, and there is no venting pipe. All the sebum slowly metabolized eight hours a day is blocked at the exit and waiting for the opportunity to be discharged. The temporary shelter of the pores is of course bigger and bigger!

The pores become thick and trapped 5: the powder does not stop, and the pores are difficult to breathe.

The pores are an important passage for the skin to breathe. If it is clogged, the skin cannot breathe normally. It is conceivable that if we do not breathe for a minute, how uncomfortable it is, the same is true for the skin. As long as the skin is lustrous, as long as there is sweat, the women who love beauty will continue to make up the makeup, although the supplement is the "stick" powder, but for the pores, it is difficult to clear the flood discharge channel, and immediately blocked it.

The pores become thick and trap 6: The makeup removal work is not done well.

Many MMs are very careful when making makeup. However, when it comes to makeup removal, due to work fatigue, laziness, etc., just wash your face with facial cleanser, and do not use cleansing oil and other makeup remover products, the whole process is not perfect. One or two lazy may not have a big feeling, but over time, these cleansing makeup will penetrate into the pores and cause blockage. >>> Find the reason to say goodbye to panda eyes

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