Quickly exclude 08 machine fault instance

After printing a batch of products with a 08 offset press, the sudden, positive and negative points and low speeds did not act when stopping the stencil printing. This kind of sudden incident caused great troubles for the operator. Greatly reduce work efficiency. Below I introduce a quick way to deal with this issue for peer reference.

The low speed, positive and negative points of the machine 08 are realized by the low-speed motor mounted on the motor seat of the drive. When the low-speed motor is turned on, the low-speed motor runs, and after the planetary cycloid reducer, the reduction ratio is 1. : 43, speed reducer output shaft of 35 rpm, so that the small pulley rotation, but also by two B-type V-belt pulley so that the large pulley (ie, the main motor pulley) rotation. At this point, the clutch is energized. The main pulley is driven by the large pulley of the shaft drive to realize the low speed (3.2 rpm) operation of the machine. When the low-speed motor is running, the outer low-speed motor clutch pulls in and the main motor stops rotating. The coordination of the previous three states is guaranteed by the interlocking of electrical appliances. When the positive point button ZDA is pressed, the AC contactor 3CZ pulls in, the low speed motor runs, and the auxiliary normally open joint of 3CZ turns on the 1CLH circuit of the low speed electromagnetic clutch, and the 1CLH pulls in, so the machine rotates in the positive direction under the drag of the low speed motor. If the anti-point button FDA is pressed, the AC contactor 3CF pulls in and the 1CLH is electrically pulled through the auxiliary normally open contact of the 3CF so that the machine rotates in the reverse direction under the drag of the low-speed motor. If you press the low-speed button DYA, then the 117 and 119 lines are connected, the intermediate relay 12J is electrically connected, and the normally open contact of the 12J is closed, that is, the 117 and 121 lines are connected, so that the AC contactor 3CZ is electrically connected. So, just like the punctual state, the machine runs at a low speed with the 3D drag and the 1CLH drive.

Through the knowledge of the working principles of electrical appliances, we deal with such failures. First, press any of the positive and negative buttons (talk about the plus button here). When the positive-point button is pressed, the 12J relay is actuated, and the 12J relay is not reset when the relay is released. At the same time, the low-speed motor is also observed. This indicates that the control circuit from the 12J relay to the low-speed motor is normal. Therefore, we put our thoughts on this part of the circuit of the 1CLH low-speed clutch. It is obtained through the AC transformer and the power source for 36V is obtained by rectifying the DC24V power supply through a resistor and rectifying electronic circuit board. At this time we think in reverse, starting from the point of failure, it would be more convenient. There are two electromagnetic clutches of the same type on the drive motor seat. One is the low speed clutch and the other is the brake clutch because the 2clh brake clutch is normal. At this point can be rotated 1CLH electromagnetic clutch brush, mounted on the 2CLH electromagnetic clutch, according to the punctuality or reverse button to observe whether the 2CLH clutch action, the result 2CLH clutch action, that the clutch circuit is normal, the fault is found, that is, 1CLH clutch coil failure . Repair or replace it, and problems can be quickly eliminated.