Strategic packaging

With the changes of the times and the market, the concept of packaging has also undergone tremendous changes. Modern packaging has more thoughts on the basis of satisfying the functionalities; the packaging strategy design within the industry is a packaged 5W strategy: Why? Who design for Who, when to design, where wher design, How to design, we very much agree with this design idea, but painting tigers, painting the skin is difficult to draw bones, the focus is on deep mining and thorough understanding, we are against the flower boxing show In the form of legs, it is also necessary to convey the aesthetic sense to consumers' spiritual enjoyment while embodying the details. Having figured out these problems, I think the effectiveness of packaging will be greatly improved. "Using differentiated products to meet the needs of different consumers, and locking up different buyers with personalized brand positioning" products will not be submerged in the cruel competition. Business sea.

First, the cruelty of the strategic packaging and branding market proves that “manufacturers manufacture products with physical attributes, and consumers buy brands with emotional sustenance.” Products will be outdated and imitated by competitors, while brands It is unique. Really lasting competitive advantage often comes from strong brands. The core of strategic packaging design lies in the brand's strategic positioning, strategy promotion, and strategy marketing. The packaging as a brand's terminal reflects its interactive relationship is very important!

Here, I would like to talk about the importance of packaging, especially alcohol packaging, to the brand; if, in the minds of consumers, all brands are packaged one by one, then the quality of a brand package will reflect the brand In this consumer's mind the strength of the visibility. The strength of the popularity of consumers will absolutely affect the value of corporate brands, but also affect the value of business operations. Good packaging can ensure product quality. Consumers' affirmation of quality is part of a brand equity. Consumer perceptions of the brand's quality often affect their perception of this brand identity and other aspects. For companies, it is necessary to estimate and understand the value of existing customers. If you can reduce the number of existing customers who are “passionate” by 5%, you can bring about considerable growth for the company.

The packaging industry is a fiercely competitive industry. With the intensification of competition, whether or not the core value of a distinctive personality can be carved into the heart of consumers is the key to success or failure. The package as a terminal sales tool faces the direct consumer. It conducts one-on-one direct communication. It should reflect the brand's affinity and reputation, and allow consumers to have close contact for the first time. It can produce goodwill and ultimately affect its buying decisions. Popular speaking: brand identity consumers, advertisements to attract consumers, terminal packaging to impress consumers ... it shoulders the responsibility to open up the brand in the fiercely competitive market breakthrough, create new economic growth point for the company, while maintaining the brand image and seize the consumption The mind.

Of course, all this is based on the premise of having a good product. If the product itself is not good, even the best packaging will be useless. This will only backfire on the development of the brand. Today's consumers have become very rational and mature. Because your ad is doing well, you buy your product, but it is exactly what your product really brings them or some special feeling. So how will you sell it after you have a good product?

2. The era of strategic packaging and design, “wine does not fear the deep alley” is long gone. Even good products need good methods and ideas to complete sales. Today’s consumers will not buy their own products. Your product, this point has been proved by the ever-changing market; the concept of packaging is no longer can be summarized with the traditional printing process, material processing, layout design, etc.; manufacturers have a good product to sell, then how effective Exactly convey the product's core values ​​and concepts to consumers? We advocate the concept of strategic packaging, which is based on consumer-oriented, market-based, research-based support for high-end strategic packaging. We think that the basic functions of packaging should be able to include Bringing market value to manufacturers, truly good packaging is not only able to win the competition awards and meet individual desires for performance, but is in line with the overall marketing strategy and can bring sales tools for sales. All this requires full communication and thoughtful thinking.

Third, strategic packaging and communication Excellent customers are the prerequisites for the production of excellent works. In the process of implementing strategic packaging creation, the communication between the designer and the customer is too important. Just as the advertisers humbly say, good. Behind the advertisement is a good customer, and packaging is a living advertising; a good package also requires thorough communication, which is the result of good interaction between the customer and the packaging company. Fully communicating market positioning, consumer demand, and market demand are necessary tasks before preparing the plan. Imagine if you did not come up with accurate communication, what would it be? Perhaps it will look good, but in the wrong direction and not in line with market positioning, it is as if English is spoken to a group of farmers who do not understand the language. Although modern and international, they still cannot understand and the effect can be imagined. So speak in the language of the consumer and always remember what group of people you are communicating with. We found that if we can avoid the following people and directly face the high-level, design can be improved in a better direction in advance, and the best ideas are often diluted by some second-rate ideas.

The value of design and development to promote social development has long been proved by the social development itself. In a sense, each of our street works carries the expectations of businesses, affects the sales of products, and affects the lives of the general public. As a designer, I feel deeply proud of my duties and responsibilities, and I am also very proud of it. So I think that I chose this line to choose lifelong learning and make my own efforts for the growth of the company, the lives of the general public, and the development of society. .

Source: Strategic China