Timeless packaging design

Abstract: The design of packaging with the characteristics of the times is the requirement of the times. Only by fully considering the function of packaging to humans and the impact on the environment can we meet human needs. Only the package design that does not have a negative impact on the living environment of human beings meets the needs of human beings.

Keywords: packaging design green packaging ergonomics computer-aided design

1 Introduction

In general, packaging design is mainly aimed at protecting commodities, facilitating circulation and consumption, and promoting sales. Reasonable packaging design can avoid product loss, and can solve the purchase and use of the trouble, so as to expand the sales of goods. Some people say: "The best packaging is no packaging," that is, people do not see the "package" traces. From the point of view that the packaging and its content are highly uniform and unity, there are unique insights. This is the ideal realm of commodity packaging. Every effort made by designers is to approach this ideal world. In order to approach this ideal realm, our packaging design should also be continuously updated along with the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, and we must be full of the breath of the times.

2 Features of Rich Dynasty Packaging Design

There are many characteristics of the era of packaging design, I think the main should be reflected in the following areas:

2.1 has a more ergonomic packaging structure and beautiful shape

Modern packaging design emphasizes the function of packaging on people and pays more attention to the application of ergonomics. The designer is required to focus on the person's side and combine the product's function with the person's factors organically. With the improvement of our country’s material and cultural standards, our people have gone from being subsistence-satisfied to enjoying the transition to a well-to-do life style. This has brought about more comfortable, more convenient, and more aesthetically pleasing requirements for the packaging structure and shape of merchandise. This has led to the need for packaging design and structure. Constantly innovate and meet the requirements of the times.

At present, under the continuous efforts of packaging designers, many ergonomic packaging designs with reasonable packaging structures and beautiful shapes have emerged. Various kinds of portable packaging and easy-opening packaging that are emerging in the market are favored by consumers because of their excellent interior design, convenient usage, and beautiful appearance. This has promoted the sales of commodities and filled the atmosphere of the times.

2.2 Use new packaging materials to promote green packaging

Packaging must not only beautify and promote sales, but also beautify the environment and use of goods. In order to meet the requirements of human beings for improving the quality of life, packaging has undergone constant changes; combination packaging and series packaging have made the buying environment colorful and colorful, which has greatly stimulated people’s desire to purchase. However, after people use commodities, packaging becomes garbage, causing environmental pollution. Some packaging materials cannot be recycled, not destroyed, or even produce harmful substances, which seriously affect people's living environment.

Now people have realized their harmfulness, advocated the use of new packaging materials, and especially advocated the use of green materials to produce green packaging. In order to promote the eco-environmental protection of the food packaging industry, the food packaging industry has taken measures. Developed countries have not hesitate to use high technology to create a new world for the green packaging of the domestic food industry. At the same time, all countries in the world are reducing, reusing, and degrading their targets and means for eco-friendly packaging. In Japan, with the exception of fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries, and peaches, the vast majority of fruits and vegetables are not sold and packaged, and only fresh-keeping paper with special functions is used to prevent moisture penetration. Reuse recovery performance, on the one hand, actively develop new reusable new packaging materials, on the other hand, in the packaging design, we strive to use a single type of packaging materials, do not use heterogeneous or composite materials, reduce the combination of group packaging materials, Or improve the packaging design technology so that consumers can easily dismantle the packaging according to environmental protection requirements and put them separately for processing, which will facilitate the separation of packaging wastes. In order to make it easy for consumers to identify the nature of plastic packaging materials, the United States makes waste recycling easier and faster. It is stipulated that disposable plastic packaging materials should be marked with material names and classification codes. At present, many developed countries have realized the modernization of the packaging paper mold industry and the widespread promotion of paper packaging materials. For example, Japan even uses edible oil for paper packaging; the United States makes use of soybean protein by adding enzymes and other materials. Soy protein packaging film can also be cooked and eaten with food to avoid secondary contamination of food. In view of the advantages of plastics in food packaging, developed countries are making great efforts to develop biodegradable plastic packaging materials to replace traditional plastic products, and many products have been successfully put into use, achieving a breakthrough in packaging materials, in order to solve the "white pollution" belt. Come to hope.

2.3 Selecting New Processes, New Technologies, and Realizing the Green Revolution of Packaging

Recently, a company in Beijing developed a “paper can production line” to use straw pulp to produce cans, which can replace aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and have higher strength, hardness, resistance to breakage, and the production process is also better Safety, reliability, and environmental protection. The cost of paper cans is only 40% of aluminum cans. Paper packaging is an internationally recognized green packaging, and the emergence of paper cans has caused a new revolution in packaging materials. "Sweet Potato Crispy" is a brand name in snacks. Originally, iron cylinders and plastic lids were used for moisture protection. However, in order to protect the environment, flammable and easy-to-handle all-paper packaging technology was adopted. This all-paper package not only retains the original package's appearance color and moisture preservation features, but also waste products are flammable and easy to handle, to adapt to the needs of the market and the times, and now there are a variety of commodities using this new technology. For another example, the United States has completely replaced soda bottles with plastic bottles, and fruit juice and beer packaging have also been replaced by plastic bottles. The main reason for this change is the development of new packaging technologies, in which the invention of plating and oxygen scavenging materials is the most important. Due to the new development of oxygen scavenging materials, frozen foods have been improved gradually in the aspect of cold storage, and food quality has been greatly improved. At the same time, family small food packaging can be original in large food companies and maintain a high degree of hygiene. In the printing of food packaging, a flexographic printing technology was adopted. This pollution-free printing technology has the advantages of being free from benzene and heavy metals, non-toxic and odorless, no toxic gas emissions, and odorless residuals in printed matter. At present, 80% of the packaging in the United States uses this type of printing technology.

The use of this new material, new process, and new technology is an important feature that reflects the characteristics of its time. It helps to promote the improvement of packaging design and helps promote the green revolution of packaging.

2.4 extensive use of computer-aided design

Widespread use of computer-aided design is another important feature of packaging design with rich features of the era. In today's information society, whether it is packaging structure design, packaging and decoration design or packaging display effect design, it will never be possible to complete computer-aided design with high speed and high quality. The United States had decided to introduce a new type of chocolate food. The company named the food Success, and commissioned CLS & M to design it. With the aid of a computer, it quickly achieved the desired effect of the “Success” image: the fluent handwriting was matched with Gradient from left to right, from red to green. This method of processing is difficult to achieve by hand. Even if it is accessible, it is extremely difficult to adjust and regulate changes. Next, we will integrate the screen and look at several elements that may appear on the screen: how well the organization of text, photos, geometry, and background effects can be changed and balanced. After determining several ideal picture schemes, the computer is used to simulate the effect of the formed packaging on the shelf, and the ideal package design scheme is selected. The packaging design under computer aided design can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

3 Conclusion

The packaging design requires a wide range of knowledge. The design must consider its protection, economy, aesthetics, environmental protection, and reflect the characteristics of the contents. This puts higher requirements on the designers' thinking methods, performance skills, artistic accomplishments, and knowledge structure. It is indeed not easy to design packaging that is full of the characteristics of the times, but as long as we fully utilize the human body in the process of packaging design. Engineering, the use of new materials, new processes, new technologies, and extensive use of computer-aided design, you can design a packaging full of flavor.