Modern Gift Packaging from the Perspective of Traditional Gift-giving (2)

3.2 The relationship between traditional gifts and modern gift packaging

Courtesy gifts have a very regular pattern of social behavior, with unwritten conventions. Different social strata, the mode of giving gifts and the gifts are also different. Due to these rituals and customs caused a large number of modern social life needs of gifts, the formation of a consumer culture. Traditional gift giving is the historical condition for the development of modern gifts, and it is also the cultural basis for gift packaging design.

In modern social communication activities, different gifts and rituals are accompanied at all times. These behaviors cause people to demand a lot of things and gifts, and according to different modes of gift behavior, the gifts themselves and the packaging of gifts have different requirements. . Under the premise of modern gift packaging's first “communication and interpersonal relationship”, we study the characteristics and structure of the gift behavior symbol, and the existing convention system in the social life and the psychology of the gifter and the gifted person. And physiological needs to consider the form of gift packaging design. Traditional gift-giving behavior provides a platform for modern gift packaging design to meet the psychological needs of gift consumers.

3.3 The Enlightenment of Gifting Behavior on Modern Gift Packaging Design

When designing a gift package, the design needs to be positioned accurately. What we need is a painstakingly managed, just-in-time package rather than a luxurious, expensive “laminated package”. The positioning design is mainly based on the investigation of clear gift behavior and the specification of the gifting behavior. What kind of gift behavior, decided to send what kind of gift. The packaging of gifts directly affects the realization of the exchange value of gifts.

3.3.1 positioning accurate gift packaging design

The orientation of gift packaging design mainly includes product positioning and sales target positioning.

(1) Product Positioning

Mainly refers to the variety of positioning, positioning of product features, product positioning, product positioning. There is a direct relationship between the positioning of the product and the object and location of the gift giving. Therefore, in the gift packaging design, proper positioning is very important, it mainly refers to the choice of information transmission. For example, product positioning, it is divided into low-grade high-end. The grade positioning of products is mainly to distinguish between low, middle and high grade products of good products. The middle and low grade commodities should mainly consider the issue of packaging production costs. It is necessary to make products as good as possible, and the cost is low, so as not to increase unnecessary consumers' The burden, but as a gift package, even if the middle and low-end packaging design, can not be shoddy: high-end product packaging in the packaging of external effects on the performance of its status as appropriate to meet the consumer's spiritual and aesthetic needs, but also to prevent too luxury.

(2) Consumer positioning

Mainly refers to the gift packaging design to suit a certain level of consumers, consumers can not ignore the diversity of needs. In the process of consumer positioning, it is necessary to consider the positioning of social classes and consumer regions: and the positioning of consumers' psychological factors. The accurate positioning of the gift wrap can effectively realize the value in the gift giving behavior. Such a gift wrap can be adapted to the needs of the market.

3.3.2 Material Behavior and Spiritual Culture of Gift Packaging

In gift packaging design, design transmission information is related to material behavior and spiritual culture.

1, spiritual culture

Spiritual culture refers to the transmission of packaging culture information. These are determined by the choice of materials, text, patterns, and colors of the packaging. In some special gifts, such as the customs of some ethnic minorities, gift gifts cannot be opened on the spot; some gifts don’t use some colors in their implementation, such as wedding and year-end gifts in life etiquette gifts. Etiquette and customs. The information that packaging design conveys is more representative in these situations. It is necessary to fully consider the content to be conveyed when gifts appear in these gift rituals and the information that needs to be communicated.

2. Material behavior

Material behavior refers to the gift itself. The “finalization” of gift-giving behavior has determined that our gift packaging should concentrate and quasi-authoritatively reflect the “personality” of the gift itself, and that we need to consider its characteristics when designing product positioning, such as personal production. Gifts, in the packaging design must reflect the characteristics of personal production; local unique gifts, emphasizing the characteristics of local culture; ethnic handicrafts emphasize the characteristics of national tradition, so as to reflect the original nature of the gift itself, to achieve the purpose of gifts.

3.4 Different Needs of the Talks Produce Modern Gift Packaging Strategies

During the consumption process of gifts, we found that different customers have different visual satisfaction requirements for different product packages, and this feature is also reflected in the requirements for gift packaging.

In the modern social communication behavior, different consumers have new requirements in more aspects regarding the requirements for gifts. The different needs of gift-giving behaviors have spawned the diversity of modern gift-wrapping marketing strategies. These requirements are externally reflected in the packaging of gifts. It can be said that the symbolism of gift giving should be directly reflected from the packaging of gifts. The behavior is reflected in the marketing strategy for gift packaging. The gift packaging marketing strategy should be based on the customer's demand for the company and the customer's actual needs for the gifted behavior as the main motivation. A variety of gift packaging marketing strategies can be suitable for different gifts.

In order to objectively reflect the difference in the significance of consumption and utility of each indicator, it is necessary to design the gift packaging to take the satisfaction of the customer as the criterion and focus on the study of consumption patterns. Standing in the customer's position rather than considering the subjective desire of the company to create a customer satisfaction on the packaging. This is the most important focus of gift packaging marketing strategy.

4 Conclusion

Symbolization is the coding and means of information that the designer wants to convey. Symbol is the expression of information. It is the sensibility of information, and the content of the information symbol is the intrinsic meaning of the symbol. Therefore, when designing gift wraps, we can adopt symbolic ways of thinking and operating methods to design and create. The gift information conveys the information to be coded and converted into a form that is easy to identify, and through comprehensive analysis of the recipients, Cause the recipient's psychological and physiological resonance, to meet the needs of social life.

Source: China Packaging Purchasing