Localized packaging design for Wilson Sports

Under the rapid development of China's economy, many famous brands in the world are optimistic about the Chinese market, how to make the world's brands into the Chinese market, how the packaging designer's works are in harmony with the economy, society and culture, and how the packaging of products can be accepted by consumers. In order to adapt to and meet the requirements of the era of knowledge economy, this is a topic that Chinese designers and even national designers are concerned about.

In response to the issue of the role and influence of regional culture on design, we have organized students to participate in the Global Loose-Oriented Global Design Solutions Network GDS (Global Design Solutions Network), which is chaired by a special research group of the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Finland. . The main content of this design study is how cultural influences consumers' lifestyles and shopping intentions. What are the differences in meanings of colors, graphic symbols and forms for different geographical consumer groups? The GDS network conducts regional design based on real cases, and then shares and compares the design results of the same project from different regions to study the role and influence of regional culture on design, and thus on the basis of research and design methods, The characteristics of the success of the design should be analyzed to obtain a useful design method. The main business partner involved in the event is Wilson Sporting Goods, which focuses on how the packaging of Wilson's ball products fits the needs of the Chinese consumer population.

Founded in 1914, Wilson is a fairly historical sporting goods company in the United States. It was one of the first companies to produce tennis racquets, racquet nets and two tennis shoes. In 1970 PepsiCo acquired Wilson, in 1984 Michael Jordan signed the Chicago Bulls, and joined the Wilson think tank. Wilson is a sporting goods company that has grown up in a splendid achievement and has strong economic strength and historical background. Since its development, the company has made many contributions to the development of modern sports. From a certain point of view, Wilson’s commercial performance Directly promoted the development of certain sports. Wilson is now a world-renowned brand, especially its tennis products.

How is the sales of Wilson Sports Products in the Chinese market? For the domestic market, we have formulated a questionnaire including the use of the product, the appearance of the packaging, packaging materials, colors, patterns, fonts, and the price of the product, and detailedly set up questionnaires for different consumer groups. In order to understand Wilson's sporting goods sales in the Chinese market. We conducted a survey of different consumers of the Wilson Sporting Goods Store and some of the major shopping mall ball buying counters.

Through a large number of questionnaires and analysis of these stores, counters, and different consumer groups, we learned that Wilson's brand is already well-known in the target consumer group, and it has a certain share in the sporting goods market in Shanghai, but its main products The sales of badminton rackets, tennis rackets and tennis related products have surpassed those of other brands. However, the Wilson brand has not learned much about basketball, football, golf and other ball products. The sales of the market are also general. We also found that in the research of Wilson's ball products, the domestically produced big ball products in the domestic market are basically unpackaged, and some are simply packaged in mesh bags and plastic bags, and the enterprises also provide products for big ball products. Without realizing the need for packaging and publicity, the effect of the shelf life is far worse than that of similar foreign products, and the product is not of a high grade. It can be seen that the company’s products must occupy a share in the fierce market competition and establish a good brand image. The quality of the product itself is important, but the packaging design of the product cannot be ignored.

After detailed understanding of Wilson's brand, quality, pricing, sales channels, advertising forms, etc., and a comprehensive analysis of the product's age, consumer groups, etc., we designed the product packaging. With a clear positioning, a “stylized” packaging format was designed for different ball products. In today's visual information age, “stylized” packaging design can well identify the memory for the public, and it also meets the requirements of effective recognition and advertising effects in the commercial vision operation, and “stylish” the brand for Wilson. The packaging design plays a role of visual squatting and captures the public's visual taste and visual habits from a business perspective.

In the packaging design of large balls, the Wilson brand and the logo “W” are highlighted, and the red and white blocks of the logo are contrasted with the dark background. The design method uses a contrasting expression of large color blocks to create a strong vision. Impact, highlighting the characteristics of this type of confrontational sporting goods. The combination of logo graphics and "Wilson" standard fonts is placed on the main exhibition surface. The text on the side of the package reinforces the product's material characteristics and special production techniques so that consumers can better understand the purchase. Product quality and specifications. In the graphic design, the dynamics, arcs, and momentum of the ball's goal are taken as the basic elements of the design. In the dark background, the arc is made of blue, and the red halo and the silver ball are interlaced. The dynamic of the ball is vividly expressed. The momentary image of the Chinese football star Li Jinyu breaking through the door and echoing the arc lines is Wilson's football packaging has more affinity with Chinese consumers. In terms of packaging structure, according to the characteristics of big ball products, a personalized structure was designed for it, the entire shape was designed to be a flat square shape, and the ball products were embedded in this flat and square structure, fixed and fixed. It plays a protective role and has a good display function in the sales process. The two paraboloids of the ball just emerge from the outside, and the spherical trademark is more clearly displayed in front of consumers. The ball and packaging are ingeniously integrated into one. Personalized packaging design has both unique shapes and good publicity. The packaging structure is designed to be folded once and has the characteristics of easy folding, saving of materials, saving storage space, and convenient transportation. Ball packaging mainly uses fine corrugated paper materials. Because paper materials are easy to process, the printing cost is low, and recycling is convenient, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

Golf packaging also uses a dark background series, which is an extension of the Wilson brand's complementary color design and also reflects the elegance of golf. 300g cardboard was selected as the material for the entire box. The shape of the package was rectangular. The internal structure was divided into 3 columns and a total of 12 golf balls were placed. In tennis packaging, a red arc with the same color as the logo was designed underneath the box of dark colors. It implies that the beauty of tennis and tennis are winning the favor of more and more people. Chinese women's tennis players won the Olympic women's tennis doubles. Champions, this is the pride of the Chinese people. Wilson's tennis packaging uses Olympic champions Li Ting and Sun Tiantian as spokespersons. This is very beneficial to enhance the visibility of the Wilson brand in the Chinese market and promote product sales. Racquet cable packaging still uses dark colors, disposable packaging forms, and square shapes. The structure uses a rectangular paperboard with one fold and three folds. It saves material, is easy to make, easy to open, and easy to carry.

In the case study of the localization design of Wilson Sporting Goods in the Chinese market, it is not difficult to see that due to the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, consumers have a lot of differences in the sense of identity in graphics, textual symbols, and colors in packaging design. This difference has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the spread of goods in the market, affecting the purchasing power of consumers and the market share of goods. As China opens up to the outside world, famous brands in the world have entered the Chinese market one after another, and they are constantly looking for design elements and design methods that are in line with the Chinese cultural background in order to shorten the cultural differences between East and West. In this collision and exchange of Eastern and Western cultures, our designers must actively absorb foreign cultures, integrate the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, and tap deeper into the precious treasures of Chinese culture and art. Only on the basis of absorption and learning Create new design forms and expression methods, designers' works can be accepted by consumers.

Source: Gu Huizhong, School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University