Unloaded carton adhesive

Recently, Changzhou Tianyuan Chemical Company introduced TD-988 (machinery) stapleless carton adhesive. This is a kind of water-based polymer developed and developed to meet environmental protection and export requirements. Its unique water resistance and water-resistance corrugated box are more suitable for storage in extreme environments such as refrigeration, ocean shipping, high humidity, and high temperature. ,transport. The empty box pressure drop test of the adhesive-bonded carton is 10-20% higher than the nail box, which is more conducive to environmental protection and resource regeneration. Adhesives are non-toxic, non-flammable, and transparent after drying. They do not stain the words, drawings, tools, equipment, and pipes printed on the surface of the carton. The storage period (5-25°C) can be more than two years. (Wang Huanxin) ("China Packaging News and Printing Weekly")