Gravure printing and anti-counterfeiting

Gravure printing is one of the traditional printing methods. Its characteristics are thick ink layers and delicate lines. Gravure not only has good printing quality, but also has anti-counterfeiting function. Especially engraving and gravure printing, not only the process complexity, equipment investment, and the design, plate making are different from the general printing, its printed graphics have a prominent raised feeling: engraving gravure latent printing more identification method is simple, not easy to counterfeit advantage. To date, the printing of many security documents and large denomination banknotes still uses the engraving and gravure process. The engraving and gravure printing equipment belongs to the state-controlled equipment and must be approved by relevant departments before it can be introduced. Therefore, printed products with intaglio printing have better security.

For a long time, China has always regarded engraving and gravure as the proprietary printing technology for documents, banknotes, and securities, and it has been used abroad in the anti-counterfeiting of civilian products. Such as the United States Microsoft Corporation in its software and technical information posted a large area of ​​gravure anti-counterfeit labels, there are many foreign high-end tobacco packaging also uses gravure seals, to protect the interests of the country, consumers, protect the reputation of brand-name products, we The use of engraved gravure technology has been tried in the field of civil product anti-counterfeiting. We have printed anti-counterfeiting certificates and logos for many departments, such as the invention certificate of the National Patent Office Invention Association and the gold identification certificate of the China Gold Coin Corporation. There was a large amount of counterfeiting of lubricants in a company in Beijing. Since it adopted our company's gravure latent image anti-counterfeit labels, it has performed well. At present, our anti-counterfeiting products have been applied in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, computer software and other applications and have been continuously expanded in scope of application.

Practice has proved that engraving gravure printing has a good anti-counterfeiting function has a wide range of application prospects in the field of security printing. (Yu Fei) ("Printing Technology")