Bar code printer equipment debugging

Customers can choose the printing method according to their own requirements. Select SETUP to enter the settings.
Darkness - temperature value Tear off - label tear off position Print mode - PEEL OFF (tearing method)
Media type - NON-CONTINOUS (discontinuous paper)
Print Method——THERMAL TRANS (thermal transfer method)
Print Width - Print Width List Formats - List of Format List Setup - Set-up List Media and Ribbon Calibrate - Gauge and Ribbon Label Top - Label Print Position Top Left Position Adjustment - Left and Right Black Label Position Adjustment Key to modify the settings, select the EXIT button to exit the setting. Finally select the NEXT/SAVE key to save the setting data.
After normal debugging, you can enter the setting LIST SETUP, then select the right black button to print out the standard settings, save this tag in order to proofread in case of failure.

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