Problems to be avoided in improving post-printing process accuracy

Problem I. Equipment accuracy declines

In the post-press processing equipment, the structure of the automatic hot stamping machine and the automatic die cutting machine is basically the same, and is mainly divided into three parts: paper feeding, main machine and paper collection; the working principle is also basically the same, and the main part for controlling the processing accuracy is left, Right gauge and front gauges, and a paper guide system to help locate prints.

After a long period of use, parts of the machine are worn out, the accuracy is reduced, and the components of the paper guide system are also affected. Especially when the machine runs at a high speed and continuously for a long period of time, the damage to the gripper blade and the left and right guide wheel springs is even greater. In the case of high-speed operation for a long period of time, repeated movement of the tooth chip and the spring generates a higher temperature, causing metal fatigue. In this way, the rigidity of the dental piece and the elasticity of the spring are reduced, resulting in insufficient pressure of the gripper's gripper, which results in that the print cannot be accurately positioned in the front gauge position.

In order to prevent the accuracy of the bronzing machine and the die cutting machine from falling, it is necessary to use the equipment rationally. Never allow the machine to continuously run and run at maximum speed for 24 hours a day, and limit the factory production capacity of the machine. The unmachined product should be kept at rest; the various parts of the machine should be lubricated at ordinary times, and regular maintenance should be performed for the tooth row gripper and the guide roller spring.

Problem two, improper adjustment of the machine

In the hot stamping and die-cutting process, the gripper pressure of the gripper is too small to hold the edge of the paper, and the slippage of the paper occurs during embossing; the misalignment of the opening and closing movements of the paper-feeding teeth and the molars, and the feeding system The misalignment of these parts will make the transfer of paper incomplete or excessive; excessive force will lead to overprinting. Therefore, when adjusting, attention should be paid to the pressure of pick-up paper and the size of pick-up paper, especially the pressure of each paper-pressing wheel of the paper-feeding system. The start-up should also pay attention to being slow to fast.

Problem three, paper deformation

There are two cases of paper deformation:

1. The paper is cut irregularly, with beveled or wavy edges. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the cut-out paper reaches a right angle and straight edge; when cutting, do not repeatedly hit the edge of the paper so as not to cause wavy edges.

2. The moisture content of the paper is not stable. Mainly in some need to heat the process, such as UV curing, screen printing drying, hot stamping heating, oil drying and so on, the paper moisture content changes. In order to avoid paper deformation caused by changes in water content, each process should be handed over in a timely manner, the detention time should not be too long, and take certain protective measures to prevent the loss of natural moisture in the paper, such as protection with a protective film. And keep the workshop temperature, humidity and paper moisture balance. The loss of paper moisture caused by the heating of special processes should be compensated by adjusting the appropriate temperature and humidity to restore the moisture content of the paper to its original standard state.

In fact, there are many reasons for the poor post-press processing accuracy. As long as we carefully pay attention to all aspects of the processing process, sum up experience, and strictly control the use of good operating techniques and techniques, we can avoid it, and thus produce qualified products and improve Production efficiency.

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