Evaluation: Quiet feeling red apple 8302-CB side box bed

The overall model room style is very modern, the middle 8302-CB side box bed is the main character, the white oak color is quite quiet. The bed is smooth and simple, and the water-based paint shines brightly.

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代简约 品质生活

The bed of the red apple 8302-CB side box bed is made of solid wood frame, and the overall style is simple and modern. In the middle, there is a water wave texture, which means that the money is rolling and the life is full.

简约 品质生活

This double bed is made of water-based paint, with smooth surface, high environmental protection factor, good hardness, wear resistance and aging resistance, and can guarantee yellowing for 15 years.


The red apple 8302-CB side box bed has a strong storage function. The assessor opens the bed and sees a total of three compartments. It can be divided into many types of clothing and unsuitable bedding. In addition, the bed plate close to the ground can be easily lifted for easy cleaning and there is no sanitary corner.

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