Home store try brand customization to seize the market

Feng Jianhua, president of the Jiangsu Furniture Industry Association, said that this year, under the pressure of real estate regulation, raw materials and labor costs, furniture companies have fallen into an unprecedented predicament, so the housing market is undoubtedly a breakthrough. In recent visits, the reporter found that many furniture manufacturers are moving fast and hot. While they are fighting for a piece of furniture for their own, they also provide the possibility for the owners to buy affordable furniture.

Redwood furniture should also be a piece of cake

Mr. Hao, the director of a well-known mahogany furniture factory, has been engaged in the production and sales of mahogany furniture for almost 15 years. It can be said that he has been making furniture for the “people who got rich first”. "But the second half of last year, the mahogany furniture market has been shrinking.

I saw a way out after seeing last week’s report that the total amount of the housing renovation market is expected to reach 1 billion yuan. "Mr. Hao and the reporter exchanged on Saturday, said that at present, a small mahogany bench will cost more than 1,200 yuan, which is not the purchase target of the affordable housing owners. In view of the large demand for furniture in the affordable housing, he is ready to invest about 3 million yuan. As for the sales prospects, Mr. Hao said optimistically that for a 60 square meter set of affordable housing, 8000-10000 yuan can be used to arrange the main furniture in the home. The quality is guaranteed, the price is reasonable, and there is no fear that the owners of the security house will not pay the bill. ”

Home store try brand customization

Mr. Wu, who has just queued up to buy a set of affordable housing, told reporters that the furniture sold in most home hypermarkets in Nanjing is generally large in size and high in price. If you buy furniture in the suburban junction small home improvement market, its safety. And environmental protection is not guaranteed, so his heart is very entangled.

In response to the distress of this part of the owners, there have been bold attempts at home stores recently. Take the custom model of Red Star Macalline as an example, and cooperate with professional furniture manufacturers to customize furniture suitable for users. In this regard, Red Star Furniture Group Chairman Che Jianxin said that the specific plan has not yet been introduced, but the core of "brand cooperation custom procurement" will not change. It is reported that Beijing Red Star Macalline has announced a spending of 500 million yuan last month, and is bundled with the top 100, Italian style, strong, Ai Ruisi and non-identical furniture brands to customize the supporting furniture. "With Beijing's model, Red Star's furniture in Nanjing will soon follow up." Che Jianxin is full of confidence.

Good quality and low price are expected to be realized

Many consumers are worried that furniture manufacturers will reduce the quality of their products and will reduce the quality of the products to meet the "light" taste of the affordable housing market. In this regard, Tang Feng, general manager of the company, told the reporter that the social housing project is a livelihood project, which has certain requirements on the price of furniture, but the quality of the products is very strict. At present, Midi Furniture has set up a medium and low-priced furniture area in Hongxing Central Road Store and Kazimen Store respectively. The style and quality of furniture are uncompromising. In particular, the environmental protection indicators of all furniture are higher than the current national standard. In this regard, Che Jianxin said that all cooperative brands must meet the basic requirements of complete sets, environmental protection, versatility and fashion economy in custom-protected furniture. At the same time, due to the customary buyout method, the design cost is fully digested, and the production cost is greatly reduced. Compared with similar products on the market, the price will be about 30% cheaper, so that the owners of the affordable housing can afford and use it well.

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