Living Master Liu Shuozhen: Painting will be the focus of the future flooring industry revolution

Liu Shuozhen, CEO of Life Group

“In the field of design, all traditional materials can have new applications. The concepts, forms and innovations now belong to a connection between the past and the future.” With such a creative concept, April 16 At the opening of Milan Design Week in Italy, the Italian national treasure design master Alessandro Mendini presented a new work for the living room floor on the international stage. At the event, the reporter interviewed Mr. Liu Shuozhen, CEO of Life Group.

[Reporter]: I am very happy to be in Milan Design Week today. Life is the first Chinese company to participate in Milan Design Week. I saw that our exhibits are very colorful, and it is called SURFACE. Liu Dong, you are on this theme. How to understand?

[Liu Shuozhen]: This is the work of Mendini for so many years, especially this year is his most special. At the entire design exhibition, Mendini's birthday and his works complement each other. This is also a birthday present for himself, representing the design of the whole of Italy and some elements of the East and the combination of natural materials. Therefore, I feel that the creation of the whole design is very valuable, representing the integration of the East and the West, representing a more enhancement and tolerance of a design concept.

[Reporter]: How did we find Mendini to do the design of our exhibits?

[Liu Shuozhen]: Needless to say, the design status of Mendini, the chair of light design is tens of thousands of euros, I bought two homes. I am a fan of myself. I really like some of the things he designed. Like an old urchin, he can create a lot more than the general imagination. I think the creation must first be curious, and our national treasure master meets this basic point. .

I am an admirer and a learner, so we spent a lot of thoughts and communicated with Mr. Mendini. He will not easily cooperate with others. It took nearly half a year to learn about our company, including us. What the company does. Because the family of life is a relatively international company, the holding of the Malaysian Sanlin Group, plus these big companies in the world, etc., he knows that we are all manufactured, so he is willing to follow Living home cooperation.

[Reporter]: Is this exhibit done by Mr. Mendini alone or is there a fusion of our thoughts?

[Liu Shuozhen]: No, he did it alone. He made a good interpretation of his life's views on the present and the future. At that time, he asked me "What do you want?" I said, "The future forest resources are to be protected. The protection of the species is the key point. We believe that painting will be an important focus of the future industrial revolution. So the painting technology is used in different places." He very much agrees with this, and he also feels that this is a real concept of environmental protection.

So this time he did things, all these colors, the first one was made in our China 100%, and then sent to Italy, it is not made in Italy, is "Made in China". Life is not just about China, it also means that the entire Chinese industry is likely to move to the world. This is what we want to say.

[Reporter]: In addition to the design of this exhibit by Mendini, what cooperation projects will be followed?

[Liu Shuozhen]: Mendini's creative work is only the beginning. In the future, he will design a series of new products for the living family CASA, which will be launched in China as the Mendini series. Because in the interior design industry, including the industrial design industry, Mendini is the master of the national treasure. I think it is very difficult for any consumer to ask him to do something alone, but life can be designed by creative master Mendini to design products that are personalized to different consumers. I think it will be quite interesting.

[Reporter]: This time our living home has also made a very different move. It is to bring our team to Milan. We will go to many places one stop at a time. Why do you do this?

[Liu Shuozhen]: I think it is still the same sentence. In the past ten years, the living family has only done two things right, one is the cutting of the brand, and it is done with cultural marketing; the other product innovation has a rustic floor in the industry. This new category. The future life family only wants to do one thing, that is, from the Chinese life home to the global life home, the world life home, I only want to do this in the next ten years.

That requires a lot of combination elements to do this. The first one is that there are designers who can work with us because we are not just Italian designers, but also Japanese and American designers. We are absorbing these more elite teams. .

The second one has these teams. It’s not good to rely on outsiders, so I bring our team and let them see the world, let them have different imaginations, not just what they see online, first you To be a traveller, you are more likely to absorb more knowledge. Their habits, their views on aesthetics, the color of each window, the design of the lights, what do they want to express? This is not to be able to teach them in a company with a CEO role. They have to open their eyes to see different things, listen to different voices, and even let them go to the opera, they know that it feels like this, they can become a worldwide team.

[Reporter]: This is a better furniture exhibition in Milan. In fact, many domestic companies bring some employees to come, but they only look at those works seriously in the exhibition hall, but we are not focused on the works designed by the designers. We are looking at history and culture, letting them feel the creative things in life.

[Liu Shuozhen]: Some people say that the world article is a big copy, you can't deny it, yes. But if you just copy other people's things, you don't have yourself. Just like knowledge, knowledge is very important, but you don't just take an MBA book, you just MBA, it's impossible. Because you have to "digest", and "digestion" itself is a process of experiencing experience. My team is here, not just to see what people design, I hope they can digest, absorb these things, and more to communicate with these world-class designers, it is very important.

[Reporter]: Ok, thank you Liu Dong.

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