Cool cleansing products wash the skin's true color

The temperature has soared to 30 degrees, and the heat is so aggressive that we have nowhere to hide. Intense ultraviolet rays also cause our skin to suffer from high temperatures. Skin problems such as redness and phlegm make us have to face high temperature muscles. Washing your face is the first step in relieving high temperature skin! Cool and cleansing products, wash away the heat and let the skin return to its true color.

1. NIVEA Nivea Condensed Foaming Cleanser ¥19/100g

NIVEA Nivea Condensed Foaming Cleanser

Contains active moisturizing factors to solve rough skin problems and give you smooth and delicate skin. The moisture balance system gently removes excess oil and dirt build up in the pores while retaining the skin's own natural protective layer to prevent moisture loss. Clear formula, leaving skin without oily

2, 茱莉蔻 净 clean foam cleansing gel ¥380/200ml


A fresh gel texture with a delicate and rich foam. Removes dark yellow to help restore skin radiance. Witch hazel, calendula and a variety of plant active ingredients to remove dirt from the skin surface. Re-balances skin oils for a clean, refreshing and translucent feel.

3, Shi Danlan Damascus Rose Soap ¥ 70/100g

Shi Danlan Damascus Rose Soap

Containing wild Damascus rose essence and glycerin, Rose is one of the most effective nutrients in skin care products. It is mildly moisturized, deeply moisturized, delicate and shiny, and healthy and fair. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

4, Petrov gentle scrub gel ¥ 320/250ml

Petrov Gentle Scrub Gel

Extremely mild plant scrub gel. Cleans and effectively removes dead skin cells, dissolves dirt and excess oil in pores, and effectively fights and prevents blackheads, whiteheads and rosacea. Suitable for daily use. It can be used on both the face and body.

5, freeplus Fu Lifang silk oil control cleaning detergent ¥148/0.4g*32

Freeplus Fu Lifang silk oil control cream

Thoroughly remove the aging keratin and excess sebum that cause pores and blackheads, rough skin, and wash out the smooth and moisturizing skin. Decomposes excess sebum, washes out smooth and moisturizing skin, repairs acne, regulates smooth skin, strengthens stratum corneum defense function, improves resistance, and creates skin that is not easy to produce acne.

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