Beware of eccentricity causing the roller to run out

After seeing an article on the Internet, he said that after using a polishing machine that had been used for many years, it was reconfigured with a new glazing roller. When it was used, the roller was found to be beating so severe that it could not be used. Later, after analysis, the mass eccentricity caused the runout of the rubber roller to run. It is now organized as follows for reference by printing machinery and printing companies. It may be helpful for everyone. When selecting the rubber roller, be careful not to cause the eccentricity of the roller to cause the roller to run.

What is the cause of the newly configured rubber roller beating? Is the roller itself having quality problems? Or is the gap between the roller neck and the bearing sleeve of the rubber roller too large or the poor fit between the bearing sleeve and the adjustable track surface? In order to solve all the above-mentioned questions, the article describes that the author carried out a one-by-one analysis and analysis of the mating surfaces and the mating dimensions of the bearing sleeve, and the rubber roller was placed on the lathe with a dial indicator to measure its circular runout and multiple The diameter of the site, the results are all normal. Some people thought of installing the original scrapped roller on the glazing machine and tried it again to find the answer. It was found that the run did not produce much jitter and the problem disappeared. After comparison, it seems that there are quality problems with the new rubber rollers. However, where does the new rubber roller have problems? After careful analysis, it was finally determined that the rubber roller had a serious problem of mass eccentricity. If the quality of the rubber roller is not eliminated during the roller manufacturing, it will naturally be unbalanced during operation, which will cause a jump. In order to avoid the problem of mass eccentricity in the rubber roller, it is possible to ensure that the roller does not have mass eccentricity problems during the roller manufacturing process by means of static balance or school balancing. The eccentricity of the rubber roller has a serious impact on the production of the company. To avoid this, the most important thing is to adopt a formal production process and improve product quality.

As the main technical parameters of the rubber roller are many, such as: hardness, tensile strength, cracking strength, abrasion resistance, compression permanent, anti-pull elasticity, aging resistance, ozone resistance, electricity induced rate, heat resistance, etc. The problem of eccentricity is easy to ignore, so users should pay attention to it when choosing.

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