T-BONE bionics principle design to create TOREAD upstream shoes superior performance Read

Pathfinder has always adhered to the brand concept of “dare to continue to innovate and pursue excellence”. It is popular among outdoor enthusiasts for its reliable product quality, extensive use of the latest technology materials, and competitive price/performance ratio. The fresh look and unique design of the outdoor shoe series launched by TOREAD Pathfinder reflects the philosophy of its brand. At this time, summer is approaching, the Greenfield Outdoor Network introduces you to a lover who loves outdoor sports, a quick-drying, breathable upstream shoe from TOREAD. This upstream shoe has excellent shock absorption, anti-slip, wear, breathable and other properties, the unique design of the sole plus the surface layer of leather mesh material, making it more comfortable to wear, suitable for a variety of summer sports wear . Equipped with black, light yellow, light gray blue, olive green four colors TOREAD upstream shoes, the market price of 669 yuan.

TOREAD upstream shoe display

TOREAD upstream shoes light yellow

TOREAD upstream shoe sole design

The soles of TOREAD upstream shoes use a T-BONE ultralight sole. The T-BONE sole sole design incorporates the vertebrate skeletal characteristics and is created using bionics principles to bring you good upstream shoe performance. The sole is made of rubber material, and rubber soles are presented in the form of stickers, which can greatly reduce the amount of rubber used and the overall quality. It has an ultra-light effect, and at the same time, the rubber material has good elasticity. It has played a certain degree. The effect of shock absorption on the sole makes you more comfortable when wearing outdoor sports. At the same time T-BONE ultra light soles also have a unique 360-degree leaking design, thereby speeding up the speed of water, quick-drying, enhance the effect of upstream, make your feet more comfortable. EVA's midfielder has changed the past one-piece model. Using a combination of ditch and hollow structure not only reduces the amount and quality of EVA, but also brings comfortable comfort to both feet. It also improves the upstream and quick-drying of leaky breathable air. The features make it easy to cope with outdoor changing and complex environmental conditions.

TOREAD upstream shoe soles show

The insole inside the shoe uses a high-elastic EVA molded aromatic insole. This insole has excellent stretchability and can reduce the cushioning force when the feet are dropped during exercise, thereby providing a shock absorption effect and a good shock absorption effect. At the same time, it also reduces the occurrence of foot strain due to strenuous exercise. The insole used at the same time can also effectively inhibit the bacteria in the shoes caused by the sweat after exercise, and then the phenomenon of odor in the shoes. The insole has excellent air permeability and can promptly eliminate the large amount of sweat generated after the exercise in order to promptly eliminate the outside of the shoe, so that the shoe immediately becomes fresh and dry. The water-permeable and quick-drying performance can make the feet feel comfortable and relaxed, and enjoy the fun of outdoor sports.

TOREAD upstream shoe upper design

The uppers of TOREAD upstream shoes use a combination of the first layer of leather and a single layer of mesh. The selected high-quality first layer cowhide is derived from the bovine body skin. It is constructed of a dense fiber layer and a slightly loose transition layer that is closely attached to it. It has good strength and elasticity, and can guarantee the wear resistance and tensile strength of shoes. Extensibility and breathability. Upper PU embossing process in one single-layer mesh and TPU eagerness using vertebrate bone features, this shoe has excellent breathability, drainage performance, even after the movement to bring fresh, dry to the feet comfortability. The structure design combined with the bionics principle makes the shoes more comfortable to wear with their feet, ensuring a good fit and making the feet more comfortable.

TOREAD upstream shoe upper design

The strap system of the shoe adopts a convenient buckle, and the buckle can be quickly adjusted outdoors to adjust the tightness of the shoelace so that it can easily respond to the changing outdoor environment or meet its own needs. At the same time, this kind of portable lace is more fashionable and convenient, it will not easily slip during exercise, on the other hand it can also increase the safety index of upstream.

TOREAD upstream shoe side show

Simple color design, not simple upstream function, this is TOREAD for outdoor sports enthusiasts presented by the upstream shoes. Regardless of whether or not you have experienced TOREAD outdoor gear products before, I believe that this upstream shoe will bring you a different experience. You can also wear it in the spring and summer alternate season to go outside and experience it for your comfort and good performance on your feet.

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