Japan launches "e storage box"

At present, many of the goods that require refrigeration, such as aquatic products, mostly use expanded polystyrene containers and are discarded after a single use, which pollutes the environment and wastes resources. This is very detrimental to the shortage of resources in Japan. For this reason, the food distribution industry expects to develop new types of storage containers and packaging containers that are durable and that can reduce the disposal costs of waste containers and can be used repeatedly.
Recently, Japan introduced a new type of plastic container for food distribution and distribution to the market under the trade name of "e storage box." It can keep heat, but also cold, with a variety of functions, praised by the market.
This product is a special polypropylene material made of the same material as the outer layer of the hard material and the foamed inner layer, which is combined into one by the molding process, and then a heat treatment is performed to produce a new type of resin that can be used repeatedly. Plastic molding storage box. The product achieves a target that can be repeatedly used many times, and can be reused about 300 times, thereby reducing the circulation cost of the cargo delivery container by half, and at the same time greatly reducing the disposal cost of the packaging container by 99%.

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Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella

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