Competitive World Development Packaging Industry (3)

3, with international standards, using international standards. The foreign exchange earned through exports is the business of the international market. If we want to show our talents in the international market competition and make more achievements, we must strive to make our products internationalized and meet the requirements of the international market for products. To achieve product internationalization, an important way is to actively introduce international standards to standardize the company's production behavior to eliminate "technical barriers in trade." For example, in the United States, due to the lack of participation in the preparation of international standards for packaging food containers and metal containers, the food containers they produced did not implement international standards. Some European countries have stipulated that all foods imported from the United States that are not internationally standardized must be added. Surcharges; Japan's original pallet size standard 1100×1100 contradicts ISO's pallet sizes of 800×1000, 800×1200, and 1000×1200. They adhere to their national standards for as long as 10 years and eventually have to move closer to international standards. , Adopting internationally accepted tray series size standards.
Therefore, in order to win the right to win in international commercial warfare, the standards of many developed countries’ products show an “increase” pattern, that is, the national standard is higher than the international standard, the ministerial standard is higher than the national standard, and the internal control standard of the enterprise is higher than the ministerial standard. , so that their own product standards work in the forefront of leading international standards, and accordingly continue to refresh the international standards indicators, effectively promote the internationalization process of products driven by technological innovation, to ensure their own foreign trade products in the international market Take the lead. For example, many world-renowned companies in Japan have always ranked among the top companies in the world in terms of the degree of internationalization of their products. An important reason is that their products have generally introduced international standards. In fact, there are many international standards for products. Business creation.
However, some product standards in China still show a pattern of “decreasing”, that is, the national standard is lower than the international standard, the ministerial standard is lower than the national standard, the enterprise standard is lower than the ministerial standard, and some enterprise product standards are even decades old. Consistent system, obsolete, a few products even without a standard. Even if such products can be exported to foreign countries on a temporary basis, they often have low compliance rates and high claims rates. Many experiences show that adopting international standards to improve product quality is not only a prerequisite for advancing the internationalization of China's enterprise products, but also a potential for enhancing the competitiveness of China's enterprise products in the international market. As long as our enterprises enhance their sense of competition, actively adopt international standards, and actively create conditions for formulating internal control standards that exceed international standards, and ensure high-quality products with high product standards, we can make our products take the road to internationalization. A decisive step.
4. Formulate a national green packaging development plan. The so-called green packaging not only requires the least packaging materials, has the least amount of waste, but also saves resources and energy; it is easy to recycle, reuse and recycle; the waste burns to produce new energy without secondary pollution; the packaging material is minimally and spontaneously decomposed, not polluted environment. The development of green packaging is a technological revolution in the packaging industry and an inevitable trend for the world packaging industry to adapt to the tide of environmental protection. Especially after having joined the WTO, green packaging has become a new type of non-tariff barrier. For this reason, the packaging industry must change its concepts, strengthen its awareness of pollution-free, and adapt to new competition caused by new standards and new regulations put forward by countries on packaging materials and waste. Therefore, in order to develop the packaging industry in our country, the following four points should be strongly implemented:
(1) Implementing the "Green Design" plan, advocating proper packaging, and focusing on reduction in packaging; establishing an effective recycling system for packaging waste, improving the recycling rate of packaging, and developing reusable packaging;
(2) Strengthen policy guidance and support, research and development The high-performance, functional packaging materials that are harmless to the ecological environment or have little pollution and are conducive to resource recovery and regeneration replace conventional packaging. To prohibit or restrict the use of certain packaging materials and strictly control the content of harmful substances; enterprises engaged in waste packaging and packaging should implement a tilt policy and enjoy preferential policies for the environmental protection industry.
(3) to strengthen the tax and fee reform and impose a consumption tax on disposable plastic packaging, wooden disposable chopsticks and other environmentally harmful products;
(D) attach importance to ISO-14000 international environmental management standards, the implementation of environmental signs.
5. To develop education, strengthen the training and introduction of talents, and take the road of joint development of production, education, and research. Recently, the development of complex packaging technology, the development of the global market, and the strong growth of the packaging industry will inevitably depend more and more on the development of packaging education and the development of packaging human resources. In the United States, more than 10 universities have fully launched education programs that grant bachelor's degrees. Michigan State University is the first university in the world to offer packaging courses and confer a bachelor's degree. It has been innovating in this field for 50 years and can now award a doctorate in packaging. In China, for a long time, due to the neglect of the role of packaging education and science and technology in the development of the packaging industry, the talent resources of packaging companies cannot be rapidly transformed into actual productivity, resulting in a very low human capital stock of packaging companies, plus the packaging industry talents. Outflow phenomenon has become increasingly serious, resulting in the overall scientific and technological level of China's packaging industry lagging behind, on the one hand, lack of scientific and technological achievements, on the other hand, some scientific and technological achievements can not be applied directly to the production of direct conversion to productivity.
In view of this, China must pay close attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents at this stage. We must regard the development of talents as the fundamental strategy for the development of China's packaging industry, increase the awareness of talent development, train an excellent team of packaging experts, and increase the investment in packaging education. , Strengthen post technical training and continuing education in the packaging industry; concentrate high-quality talents in the packaging industry, establish talent development centers, constantly grasp the latest developments and technologies of the same industry in foreign countries, conduct digestion and absorption, and promote the production technology of packaging companies. Improve and product development. Only in this way can the overall strength of the packaging industry in China's competitive world economy be improved. (Finish)

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