Study on the Chemical Thermo-mechanical Pulp of Poplar Wood Chips

When sawing or shaving wood pulp, it will produce 3%~7% wood chips. Liu Bingjun and others from Dalian Institute of Light Industry conducted a laboratory test on poplar wood chemithermomechanical pulp. The raw materials were taken from poplar wood chips produced from the shavings of APMP production line in Yalujiang Paper Mill. The test results are as follows: (1) Optimum chemical pretreatment of poplar wood CTMP The treatment conditions are: (NH4)2SO3: 8%, MgO: 2%, maximum temperature: 160°C, holding time: 60 min; (2) Refining conditions: GUM-300 disc refiner, refining concentration 15% - 20 %, refining grinding gap 0.5, 0.1mm two times, and then copy the sample; (3) prepared CTMP pulp can be used as special papermaking corrugated paper, #Z cardboard box, with 10% chemical pulp can also be made #1 box cardboard.