BOPET anti-counterfeiting film for salt packaging developed successfully

Recently held in Qingdao, organized by the China National Salt Industry Corporation, Shandong Xin Li Ke Plastic Co., Ltd. co-organized "special salt packaging BOPET film product identification and salt packaging technology exchange." At the meeting, Shandong Xinlik Plastics Co., Ltd. introduced more than 80 representatives from salt companies, salt packaging companies, and scientific research institutes from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. BOPET security film products. The product has been used by many salt industry packaging companies for trials and performance testing by relevant authorities. The appraisal committee, consisting of 11 experts and professors from Zhongyan Corporation, China Plastics Association, and salt packaging companies, has conducted on-site inspections. After reviewing the information and discussing the defense, the product has passed the product appraisal of the salt packaging film, and confirmed that the product has a unique, easily recognizable anti-counterfeiting function and can effectively reduce the loss of iodine.
The salt packaging special security film, the key technology in the production of raw materials by adding several nano-level special additives, and then through the gradual biaxial stretching process to obtain BOPET film. In the anti-counterfeiting identification, as long as you take the money detector to take a look, the colorless packaging film will emit bright light, can play a good anti-counterfeiting effect on the iodine food. This kind of product has good barrier property, strong anti-ultraviolet ability, easy to identify anti-counterfeit property; in the production process, no harmful substances are produced, and it meets the hygienic requirements of food packaging.
This anti-counterfeit packaging film is not only applicable to all types of salt packaging machines in China at present, but it is even more commendable that due to the use of nano-filling technology, the cost increase is very small, and its sales price can be the same as that of ordinary BOPET film. Therefore, this new product has a strong competitive advantage and broad market prospects.