Architectural carving refers to the wood carving decoration of the building

Wood carving crafts have a long history of use in the construction industry. The woodcarving decoration of ancient architectural gardens, temples, palaces, etc. in our country is unique in the history of world architecture. In particular, the use of woodcarving to decorate ancient buildings, such as carved beams, carved door sills, eaves, panes, railings, etc., reflects the simple and elegant, gorgeous and rich style, but also shows the unique charm of woodcarving art in ancient architecture. Various forms of relief, such as embossing, hollow carving, three-dimensional round carving and shallow carving, are widely used in architectural decoration.

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The Sprayer is the device used to spray water,made of durable and recyclable plastic and fit for plastic screwed bottles. It is composed of compressed air devices and thin tubes,nozzles and other components. They are widely used in cleaning agents,disinfectant spray and gardening etc. Various shape and size as available.


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