Renovation guide: no need to wax the laminate flooring maintenance

Many people know that solid wood floor waxing is to increase the brightness, protect the surface from wear and easy to clean, because the surface of the solid wood floor is coated with a surface paint or UV acrylic paint, although it has a certain brightness and is not easy to be worn, but The wear-resistant layer of laminate flooring is quite different. Laminate flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring or laminate flooring, scientific name: stained paper laminated wood flooring), underlying moisture-proof, anti-deformation of the underlying paper, wear-resistant, beautiful surface paper, through modern mechanical and electrical equipment at high temperatures, Pressed under high pressure to make a new wooden floor.

The laminate flooring is generally divided into a surface layer, a substrate layer and a bottom layer three-layer structure, and has the advantages of high wear resistance.

      Waxing on laminate flooring will appear:

      1, can not improve the brightness, can not meet the national standards of use.

      2, because the laminate flooring itself has a wear layer, waxing on it seems to be more than one move. Waxing on the wear layer is not directly rubbing the floor, but rubbing the wax film layer, causing many users to mistake the illusion that the wood floor is very "squeezing".

      3. It is very easy to clean on the wear layer. If it is waxed, it will be more troublesome. Finally, the majority of consumers are advised that the laminate flooring is not waxed.

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