Quickly restore tiredness and give the skin a SPA

How to make yourself recover in a short time, the way of skin beauty is also very particular. This time, Meimei provides the following three skin first aid TIPS, and the sisters who have “after work after work” quickly take measures to remedy it!

Quickly restore tiredness, make a SPA for the skin

Replenish skin

When the skin is not in good condition, you must let the skin catch your breath. During the long vacation, eating, drinking, and playing, the skin will definitely be tired and nervous, and you need to take a soothing moisturizing treatment. Imagine a face that has been intensively hydrated and repaired, like a leaf full of water, not only bright and shiny, but also stretched out, and smoothed the dry lines and fine lines, which helps to get rid of the tired face.

Basic Care: Masks with different characteristics on the market are a good helper for first-aid skin. They can absorb moisture and nutrients from the skin, and can significantly improve the skin condition in a short time. Therefore, you can choose some moisturizing and hydrating masks for intensive first-aid care for at least 7 days a day. In addition, skin care products with soothing effect and rosy skin are also excellent products for soothing tired skin. It acts like a hot bath, relaxes, decompresses, promotes blood circulation, and can effectively relieve dryness, tension and dullness of the skin. Matter condition.

First-aid TIPS: Hyaluronic acid is present in the dermis of the skin and has a special water-retaining effect. It can improve the skin's nutrient metabolism, make the skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, increase elasticity, prevent aging, and is a good transdermal absorption enhancer at the same time moisturizing. . The hyaluronic acid used for injection is a purified component that stimulates the growth of collagen, promotes the repair of the skin, and directly combines with the original hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer to enhance the skin's ability to absorb water and lock water. Therefore, it is only necessary to inject a small amount of hyaluronic acid. A perfect moisturizing effect and a long-lasting balance of the skin's water environment.

Face doing SPA

Many make-up artists suggest that Aimeida people spend a few minutes helping the face to do SPA before taking the foundation. On the one hand, it can effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin, effectively absorb the skin care products and increase the elasticity; on the other hand, Can make the makeup more docile. This method can also be used in skin care. After applying the mask, with a scientific massage, you can present a natural and balanced healthy complexion and restore the whitening skin with half the effort.

Basic care: Soft fingers are a great massage tool. If you belong to the lazy family, then the facial massager is also a good face-lifting product. It has a unique elastic fiber to ensure flexibility. It can be said that the blood-skinning beauty face-lift is three-in-one and the operation is very simple. In addition, there are some electronic facial massagers, gently massage on both sides of the cheek, one-handed operation, can help promote blood circulation, lymphatic massage of the face, effectively eliminate the fatigue and edema of facial muscles, and improve Skin is lax and can be used for neck massage.

First-aid TIPS: high-tech skin care equipment such as color rejuvenation, pixel laser, carbon explosion ion whitening technology can effectively solve common skin problems. It is reported that in the current skin treatment, these high-tech instruments are generally used in combination. They emit a broad spectrum of glare, which acts softly on the problem skin, can close the abnormally expanding blood vessels under the skin, and destroy the underlying skin. Melanin stimulates collagen hyperplasia at the same time to eliminate skin blemishes, effectively improve skin texture and whiten skin, and make the effect more comprehensive. It is worth noting that the color rejuvenation technology has high requirements on the equipment and doctor's technology. The formal and large-scale plastic surgery hospital's color rejuvenation equipment is more guaranteed.

Eye "anti-aging"

Continuous overnight play may cause problems such as lack of water and poor blood circulation in the eyes, and the illusion of aging in the short term. After the long holiday, I was suddenly scared by myself when I looked in the mirror in the morning: eye bags, dark circles, fine lines... the problem ran out of trouble. Don't worry, these problems may be just illusions. The skin around the eyes is prone to fatigue due to long-lasting fatigue and high load. It is easy to present aging. After careful adjustment of life and nursing habits, the condition of the skin can be greatly improved. .

Basic care: The swelling of the eye cream and the eye mask may be prepared a few more, the texture should be refreshed and absorbed. For those who are entering the stage of light maturity, you can try the all-around "all-purpose" eye cream with hydrating, swelling, firming and removing lines, as well as some eye cream products developed with high-tech background with instant smoothing and lifting effect. .

First aid TIPS: The skin of the eye is very weak, so it is easy to relax and grow wrinkles. Crow's feet are a common wrinkle in the eye. It is formed due to neuroendocrine dysfunction, decreased protein synthesis rate, and fibroblasts in the dermis. Decreased or lost activity, collagen fiber decreased, broken, resulting in decreased skin elasticity, increased wrinkles in the eyes, as well as sun exposure, dryness, cold, high temperature of face wash, rich expression, smoking, etc., resulting in decreased elasticity of fibrous tissue. The crow's feet make people look 5 to 10 years older than the actual age. At present, the more mainstream methods of removal include radio wave skin, laser, BOTOX injection, and surgical removal. You can choose the method that suits you according to the actual situation of each person.

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