Evaluation: masculine atmosphere of the United States standard modern bookshelf


The first impression of the Zhuo Zhuo SJ15 is the sleek, simple and elegant appearance. It seems that these simple feelings explain what is truly understated luxury. The bookcase with the most "strength" made of carbon steel and glass gives the masculine beauty.


The bookcase is made of carbon steel and glass. The frame is made of carbon steel. It is stable and durable, so you don't have to worry about wet or mites. The thickness of the glass is 12mm. The L-shaped layer glass is made of two pieces of 12mm gray glass. The quality is very stable and reliable. There are no problems in putting a few thick books.


The naive carbon steel square tube frame is sprayed with black sanding powder. It has a matte effect and looks more modern and stylish. There is also a small rubber pad that is used to reinforce the glass.

The standard bookcase is simple and stylish. The material is made of carbon steel and glass. It is unique in the design of the bookcase, which makes the whole bookcase have a real weight and the material is more durable. Although the black tone and the carbon steel material will give you a serious feeling, but you want to have a study room with a gas field, this bookcase is a good choice.

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