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The problem that many people encounter when losing weight is to lose weight and reduce their chest. How can we lose weight without losing weight? What to eat breasts, do those breast enhancement exercises, Xiaobian teach you to lose weight and strengthen your chest, use the diet and strengthen the exercise, no longer afraid to drop CUP, help you slim up the whole body and hold the proud curve!

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Weight loss breast enhancement tips

1. The legs are kneeling together, the calves are tilted up, the soles of the feet are straight, the calves are at a 90-degree angle with the thighs, the upper body is straight forward, the arms are stretched straight, and the two hands are opened twice the shoulder width. , look forward and slowly inhale.

Weight loss breast enhancement tips

2. While exhaling, bend your elbows to both sides, so that the upper body is pressed down, keeping the calf lifted off the ground, and the upper body and the pelvis are slightly pressed but not on the ground. The thorax is open and the shoulder blade opens back.

Weight loss breast enhancement tips

3, keep breathing slowly, arms and elbows straight up again, the upper body is raised, the shoulder blade is retracted forward, the thorax is restored from the external expansion and retracted, repeating 5-10 times.

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