True and false identification of teak flooring

Teak flooring is moisture-proof, anti-mite and stable, and is the leader of solid wood flooring. The tree species are precious and the materials are very rare. Some countries in Southeast Asia such as: (Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, India) also have some places near the Yunnan border, among which Myanmar is the best. Although there are teak in Africa and the Americas (the native species of Indonesia), because of the different climates in the planting area, the growth coefficient of trees is fast, the age of the trees can be grown in 10 years, the oil quality is relatively reduced, and the teak oil is rich. Characteristics, dry and cracked material. Therefore, the nominal "African Teak" or "South American Teak" is actually not really a teak floor, and there is a floor called "Teak King" on the market, which is actually picking up Asian wood, another The floor called "Golden Pomelo" is actually blackwood, and they have no botany relationship with teak.

Consumers can distinguish true and false teak flooring from the following aspects:

From the texture point of view, the real teak floor has obvious ink lines and oil spots, and the fake teak floor or ink line or ink line is shallow and scattered.

From the texture point of view, the real teak floor is shiny, oily and sexy, and the fake teak floor is dry and dull.

From the weight, the teak floor is lighter than rosewood, heavier than the hemlock, and moderately, while the fake teak is generally biased.

The teak floor has a special aroma from the scent, which is noticeable when cut. The scent smells very comfortable, and the fake teak floor is either unscented or unpleasant.

The sawdust from the real teak floor from the sawdust is very oily, with a soft feel when pinched, while the sawdust of the fake teak floor is dry and loose.

From the water absorption, two drops of water are dispensed on the fake teak floor, the water is quickly absorbed, and the drops are on the unpainted area of ​​the real teak floor. The teak floor absorbs slowly and has almost no water absorption.

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