"Intimate Enemy" Xu Jinglei whitening skin care method

Xu Jinglei and Huang Lixing's "Intimate Enemy" starring "Old Couple" will be released on December 23, and this film also marks the birth of Lao Xu's New Year's film. Xu Jinglei naturally attaches great importance to it. Xu Jinglei is recognized as an actress and a talented female director in the entertainment industry. Beauty and wisdom coexist.

"Intimate Enemy" Xu Jinglei whitening skin care method

"Intimate Enemy" is the second cooperation between Xu Jinglei and Huang Lixing. Unlike the couple in Du Lala, the two of them became opponents. "If "Du Lala's promotion" is a young fairy tale of a prince and princess who is in love, "Intimate Enemy" is an adult movie after the prince and princess is in love," Xu Jinglei said. The reason for shooting "Intimate Enemy" is that he is " "Dura La" is not satisfied, "I can shoot better in the workplace love theme."

Xu Jinglei is a woman who is both beautiful and intelligent in the entertainment circle. Xu Jinglei’s image of a strong woman is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In fact, everyone who knows her knows that Xu Jinglei was a shy girl next door when she was in college. Even the performance on the stage was too nervous to say anything, but the image of the beautiful girl was impressive.

Some people say that Xu Jinglei is as light as chrysanthemum, and some people say that she is like a blue orchid. Some people say that she is green tea, and the smell of smell is refreshing. Xu Jinglei’s feeling is fresh and natural, although now the “near girl” is also a mature woman of Pentium IV. But her skin is still fresh and fresh, it seems that youth has never left her. What kind of whitening skin care method does Xu Jinglei have?

"Intimate Enemy" Xu Jinglei whitening skin care method

Xu Jinglei said that a woman who has passed 35 years old will feel water shortage after 35 years of age. Every step of skin care can not be lost, especially the corners and neck, which are easily overlooked, and they are not maintained. It will reveal your age. Xu Jinglei said that with the increase of age, the skin is more and more prone to long spots. If the hydration is not enough, more whitening products are ineffective, so using the Huayue Ting series products, she said that the matching effect is better, cleansing After applying the Huayue Ting Efficient Whitening Essence, it can penetrate deep into the skin, dilute the pigment, focus on the freckle, dispel the dull and dull, brighten the complexion, activate the conditioning, concentrate the whitening, and the skin becomes delicate and smooth, in the white Showing rosy brilliance.

In addition, Xu Jinglei also recommended that you can do more simple massages to effectively reduce skin wrinkles. At home, you can achieve the goal of anti-aging at the same time. Women's skin is slowly maintained from these details. Xu Jinglei also stressed that improving the skin should also start from the details of daily life, the cleansing of the skin, the selection of cleansing milk, etc., as well as the frequent soup is also a great way to beauty and beauty.

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