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The Technogym Run Personal Treadmill designed by the famous Italian designer Antonio Citterio debuted at the Milan International Home Fair 2010. The treadmill was equipped with a VISIOweb display and became the first one to exercise while watching the Internet. Use your iPod's treadmill. With the VISIOweb display, people who are lazy and infatuated with social networks have no reason not to exercise. Now they can log on to twitter, contact friends or browse the latest information via facebook, and spend more time maintaining their health.


In addition to the Internet, the 19-inch VISIO web screen has many features that first appeared on the treadmill, such as:

- Connect your iPod or iPhone to enjoy music and videos directly from your iPod

- Configure a USB port to browse/listen to multimedia insertion programs such as movies, mp3, photos, videos, etc.

- Online personal trainer, providing interactive exercise guide

- Various games, training your mind while exercising

-Plug&Train: Save the selected workout content to a USB key to automatically activate the device

- IPTV, the first interface to receive TV signals over a PC network


The design of VISIOweb is fascinating. The various “touch” materials such as tempered glass and aluminum parts combine perfectly with RUN Personal's innovative high-tech design. It is the first treadmill designed by a renowned architect. The quality and functionality of this machine stem from Technogym’s 25 years of experience serving users worldwide, including past four Olympic athletes.

Run Personal's easy-to-use interactive features benefit from Technogym's Wellness Health System software, which allows users to automatically upload their individual exercise sessions and activate their devices using portable electronic keys.

Safe, simple and reliable quality makes Run Personal a benchmark in the health field, not only in the home environment but also in the service industry. Whether it is a hotel area that is open to all guests or a professional fitness suite that is tailored to meet guests' needs in a private space, the service industry is increasingly focusing on design and wellness.


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