Imported furniture is well understood

With the improvement of people's material living standards and the increase of purchasing power, many families have turned their eyes to beautiful and reliable imported furniture. However, the imported brand furniture in the furniture market is dazzling, and it is not easy to choose a set of furniture that can be moved home.

As the imported brand furniture market continues to be hot, more and more furniture manufacturers are moving closer to the “import”, and most consumers are unfamiliar with the imported furniture brand and the international furniture market, and it is extremely difficult to distinguish the “import” gold content. Things. Therefore, consumers must first understand what kind of import this “import” is when purchasing. At present, the furniture brands that are known as “imports” on the market are roughly divided into three categories, one is a pure imported brand, one is imported raw materials, the domestic production line processing imported brands, and the other is domestic manufacturers imitating foreign famous brand furniture design. Pure domestic brand.

Although it is not easy to pick out original imports among many products, there are also rules to follow. First of all, when we look at propaganda and advertising, we must start to distinguish. Many domestic or domestic assembled furniture brands pay special attention to propaganda, and they are close to “import” in propaganda, but the words are vague, in order to give consumers a kind of other countries. illusion. In view of such situations, in fact, as long as you pay attention to the words, you will find it difficult to find the words "original import" or "import of a country" in propaganda or introduction, and replace it with "design", "style" and "from The feeling of...". And a lot of details have to be carefully examined at the time of purchase, and to consult with the sales staff to be sure. Many imported furniture have their own unique source of raw materials, design, and production methods. For example, Arnault, a famous German cabinet brand, uses the original non-removable cabinet import, which is different from the plate-type disassembly box of other brands, or the cabinet product with unknown production area. It is very important for consumers to understand these details in detail when purchasing.

At the same time, the furniture products of different countries have different styles. Before purchasing, first understand these knowledge, and then purchase according to the needs of your family, it will be easier to buy the right products.

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