Process characteristics of reorganized bamboo

Reorganized bamboo is a new type of bamboo wood-based panel processed from bamboo material according to the manufacturing process principle of recombinant wood. The constituent unit of the reconstituted bamboo is a reticular bamboo bundle, which is a loose reticular fiber bundle which is firstly disintegrated into long lengths, cross-linked and maintains the original arrangement of the fibers, and then dried, sized, and formed. Hot-pressed sheet or other form of material.

The most important feature of the reorganized bamboo is the full and reasonable use of the inherent characteristics of the bamboo fiber material, which not only ensures the high utilization rate of the bamboo material, but also retains the original physical and mechanical properties of the bamboo material. It is valuable to use the abundant bamboo resources in China, especially the large number of small-diameter resources that have not been rationally utilized, to carry out the development and research of recombinant bamboo.

In various bamboo wood-based panels, bamboo materials are processed into a certain form of constituent units by cutting, dicing, and rotary cutting, and then pressed into sheets. Reorganized bamboo basically has no cutting process, and the production process has its own particularity, and its materials and applications also have its own characteristics.

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