Anti-counterfeiting and beautiful Lihua Pharmaceutical adopts laser film packaging

In the midwinter season, many people with low immunity are easily attacked by viruses and cause various infections. At this time, anti-inflammatory drugs are indispensable. The reporter found through comparison in pharmacies that the same applies to cephradine tablets such as respiratory tract infections. However, because of the different manufacturers, there are thousands of different pharmaceutical packaging. In the middle of this, similar products produced by Lihua Pharmaceutical Factory in Jilin Province won the favor of many consumers with their unique laser film anti-counterfeit packaging, and their market share continued to rise.

According to Liu Jisheng, head of purchasing at Lihua Pharmaceutical Factory in Jilin Province, the kit is made from 300-gram white cardboard. Its overall tone is composed of two shades of blue and white, which emphasizes the elegant design intention. The most unique feature of the craftsmanship is the uniqueness of the process – the laser film coated on the surface of the box: when looking at the light, the film will change different patterns. In the middle of the pattern, you see the two uppercase letters "L" and "H", which is Lihua's factory logo.

Mr. Liu told reporters that this layer of film not only has anti-counterfeiting features, but also is extremely beautiful box type, so that the product first captured the attention of consumers in the sales process. The current sales of products are very satisfactory.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

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