New achievements in the field of plastic packaging

SABIC, one of the world's major polymer producers, has recently made new research: The new PET grade has greatly increased the transparency of water containers due to its slow crystallization rate; it has developed a Specially designed special products have established new standards in the field of long shelf-life milk packaging.

New PET grade makes water containers more transparent

Large-capacity water containers typically have a capacity of five gallons or more and are commonly used in office tea rooms and even in the home. In the packaging process, transparency is an important factor in demonstrating its purity. The standard PET resin used in most beverage packages is generally not suitable for use in the production of these bottles because its fast crystallization rate produces large crystals, causing the bottles to lose their clarity.

SABIC's research and technology department has developed a new PET grade whose slow crystallization rate can greatly increase transparency. This compound is SABICTM PET BC-113. SABIC? PET BC-113 is a semi-crystalline high molecular weight thermoplastic polymer that has been processed by continuous melt polymerization and solid phase polymerization. The transparency of SABICTM PET BC-113 is much better than the two polymer resins commonly used today for the manufacture of five-gallon water containers—the costly polycarbonate (PC) resin and the poorly transparent polypropylene (PP). The former two have no odor and have excellent impact strength. It is also a low-cost alternative to polycarbonate resin, which has a cost advantage over other materials in the packaging market, which can also reduce the manufacturer's cost.

New packaging effectively extends the shelf life of milk

For many years, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) has been widely used for dairy packaging. It is the only packaging material that can be used for all three types of milk - pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature sterile milk and sterilized milk.

Longer shelf-life milk has very stringent requirements for packaging standards. It is necessary to protect milk from UV radiation and HDPE bottles cannot react chemically with milk. In response to these stringent requirements, SABIC has developed SABICTM HDPE B6246LS, a specially designed special product that combines superior sensory properties, high bottle hardness, and impact resistance. In addition, due to the small differences between batches of raw materials, it also has excellent processing properties.

With SABIC® HDPE B6246LS and dyestuffs blending modes, processors and manufacturers can save a lot of money. HDPE B6246LS is a colorless particle that allows processors to find the best balance between cost and the color required for a specific application. Compared with pre-mixed resins, the self-compounding of colorants can significantly reduce overall packaging costs.

At present, SABIC?HDPE B6246LS has been widely used by many processors and end-users in the dairy industry.

Background information:

SABIC is one of the world's leading polymer producers and produced 7.2 million tons of polymer last year.
SABIC is the single producer and supplier of the most complete varieties of polymer resin products in the world, and one of the very few companies in the world that produces all five of the most widely used thermoplastic resins.

SABIC is the world's third largest polyethylene producer, sixth largest polypropylene producer and fourth largest producer of all polyolefin products. SABIC has invested a lot of resources in research and development of plastic production technology to increase product variety, improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs and protect the environment.

Blue Agate Gemstone :

There are many different types of agate depending on the colors and formation. Common types of agate include blue agate, moss agate, green agate, tree and wood agate, Indian black agate, Montana agate, banded agate, red agate, graveyard point agate. A Mexican agate, showing only a single eye, has received the name of cyclops agate. Included matter of a green, golden, red, black or other color or combinations embedded in the chalcedony and disposed in filaments and other forms suggestive of vegetable growth, gives rise to dendritic or moss agate.

How to identify and choose the agate?
Agate is a kind of gemstone jewelry ,the jewelry which produced by agate is quite popular with women. But How to identify the true agate?Please according to the following rules.The symbol of the difference between Natural agate and false is there has cross-sectional structure of a layer of grain, Make use of this flag, agate will be very easy to identify. The finished products after cutting, because there is no obvious pattern neatly, so it's easy to confuse the two. But generally speaking, natural agate has cool feeling, like a painted surface, a layer of wax and a wax luster, translucency, It's the hardness of the Moroccan 6-7,Even it will not scratch if use the knife.
Because it is in the molten state to form crystals, so mostly of them are spherical, the internal structure of the nature agate is tighter.
After grinding the surface is more delicate, rough wood and agate for a dramatic friction, instant, the agate is not fever, but wood will burning. It Is often mixed with a variety of colors, forming a beautiful pattern, such as the flowery one or the striped one.

The fake agate is synthetic, part of them are act as a high-quality stone. Its basic features are: Though it has cool handfeel, but there is no waxy feel and gloss. Some of the hardness is low, It is not easy to Score the agate with a knife . broke it and observed the cross-section, in addition to it has not the laminated structure, granular-roughened or hispidulous;Check for any gaps. Opaque, the color is clear-cut. Some unscrupulous traders glue a thin layer of organic on the surface of fake agate, it will giving a waxy luster and good feeling .This gives a person a kind of illusion. Meantime, The name must not let confuse an eye when buying, must notice to distinguish. Please Careful selection .

Colorful Agate

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