Scientists develop super papers that can withstand 700 degrees

American scientists have successfully developed a super paper that is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and sterilization. The main ingredient in this super paper is nano-sized titania fiber, which is stable and resistant to high temperature and acid-base corrosion. Although the physical and chemical properties are outstanding, there is no special requirement for the manufacture of such papers - there is no difference between the drying process and the production of plain paper.

Scientists say that the production of nano-sized titania fibers does not require the use of very advanced technology—it is only necessary to mix the titanium oxide powder with other substances and heat it in a special container at a temperature of 150-250 degrees Celsius for several days. can. After that, the prepared nanotubes were washed and cooled in distilled water.

According to reports, paper made from nano-sized titanium oxide filaments can withstand temperatures of 700 degrees Celsius. This means that it can be sterilized by autoclaving or in an oven. This new type of paper can be cut or folded with scissors, without affecting its stability.

This type of paper is used in a wide range of applications and can be used to make antibacterial materials that can be used multiple times. It can also be used to make fire-resistant wallpapers and advertised paintings.

Source: "Packaging Materials and Containers"

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