Zip-Pak Interpack 2005 main push zipper technology

Zip-Pak, the world's leading manufacturer of resealable packaging, will present its range of SLIDERTM zippers at Interpack 2005 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Zip-Pak will showcase the latest products and packaging samples from around the world at the show and hopes to broaden the application of its zipper technology. By then, many examples of applications ranging from crushed cheese to pet food will help packers understand Quick-ZipTM zippers, how lateral zippers and thermoplastic zippers enhance consumer convenience and brand appeal. In addition, Zip-Pak will also announce a partnership with a manufacturer to develop large prefabricated bags using zipper technology.

Zip-Pak will also highlight its high-temperature cooking zippers and special-purpose dust-proof zippers, visitors can see the latest re-sealing packaging machines and forming - filling - sealing equipment at the booth.

Robert E. Hogan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Zip-Pak, said: “Consumers are increasingly choosing resealable packaging products. Zip-Pak is ready to help companies around the world to save money and improve product convenience through advanced zipper technology. ."

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