Treatment of the skin color of printed characters

There are many types of printed manuscripts, and the final effect to be achieved by each different manuscript is different. Therefore, when pre-press processing, it needs to be processed according to different requirements. Generally, the original manuscript requires accurate and natural skin with delicate skin.

For people of different ages, the treatment of the percentage of outlets is different. Generally, children's skin is delicate and soft. When processing, the magenta version and the yellow version should be more than 30% (more than 2/3 of the entire skin area). The percentage of the dots of the magenta version and the yellow version remains basic In the same way, the green version should be controlled below 10% as much as possible. As a gradation version, there should be no black version (except for black people and the dark side of backlighting and sidelights), so that the children's skin color is pink and looks delicate and healthy; Young people's skin is generally more magenta and yellow with a percentage of dots below 45% (more than 2/3 of the entire skin area), the green version is controlled below 15%, and the black version only appears in the dark part , Middle tone and bright tone should not appear as much as possible; the skin of the elderly is rougher and the skin tone is darker, so it should be noted that the percentage of dots in each color version will increase accordingly, especially the increase in the green and black versions It will be larger, but the blue version is best controlled below 30%, and the black version should only appear in the middle and dark positions, as well as not too high.

When manuscripts of characters are processed, there are certain differences for people with different skin tones. We will introduce them separately below.

Yellow race

The skin color of the yellow race is mainly yellow and magenta. The yellow version is slightly higher than the magenta version. In the middle tone, the magenta version should not exceed 10% of the yellow version, preferably the yellow version is greater than 10% of the magenta version As well. The blue version should be less than half of the magenta version, as a gradation version, and the black version should usually only appear in the mid-dark tone as the dark-tone skeleton version.

Black race

The skin color of the black race is mainly heavy in the cyan and black versions, the magenta and yellow versions are basically in balance, and the skin color is slightly reddish gray.

White race

The skin color magenta version of the white race is basically the same as the yellow version, the cyan version is the gradation version, and the black version is the same as the yellow race, only in the dark part.

The following table shows the percentage of outlets in the middle of each race:

C M Y K Yellow race 15 45 50 0 White race 15 45 45 0 Black race 45 50 50 35

In the process of processing manuscripts, the area of ​​the original magenta version with a dot percentage higher than 50% in normal light should not be too large, otherwise the character will be reddish or dark, and this area should be reduced to the entire skin area Less than 1/3 is suitable, if it exceeds, it needs to be brightened, except for photos with special light treatment.

It is also a key place to deal with the sharpness of manuscripts. The processing methods for different manuscripts are different. Generally follow this principle: when doing sharpness processing, in order to make the skin look fine and smooth, the granularity of the skin can not be enhanced; in order to give the person a three-dimensional sense, it is necessary to sharpen the outline and important parts. In this way, if characters are processed in PHOTOSHOP, the threshold can be given larger when USM is sharpened. When the character's skin color is flawed, you can make some softening adjustments to the local part of the skin. During the adjustment process, you must always pay attention to the changes in the skin's level to avoid jumps in the tone. In the process of scanning and image processing, sharpness and granularity should be processed separately for different color plates in the character manuscript, so as to achieve good results. The contrast is clear and the layers are pulled apart, which has a certain effect on the clarity of the image.

Character manuscripts are various, we just give a brief introduction to general manuscripts, there are many manuscripts such as: underexposure, overexposure, backlighting, side light, artistic effects and other manuscripts. .

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