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Mr. You is so obsessed with the collection of wine bottles, many people think he is also a good drink. "Because of physical reasons, I usually do not drink alcohol," said Mr. You. "People asked me what I was doing. I said it was a bottle of wine. But what I collected was not an ordinary bottle. It is a collector's edition!” On February 27th, the reporter went to the home of You Chunping, who lived on Xinglong Road. When he entered the door, he saw all corners of the house filled with various wine bottles. In 11 years, Mr. You has already collected 4,000 wine bottles. He also learned a lot of “bottle-mates” through this hobby. His collection of wine bottles began in 2000 when his father liked to drink and had some strangely-shaped wine bottles in the house. He set them as ornaments in cabinets. “You see, this is a bottle of four famous characters, all produced in a winery in Sichuan.” Mr. You told reporters that these wine bottles brought him several layers of relationship and brought them from an old man’s home. They heard this at that time. The old man likes to cultivate flowers, and he “reluctantly” takes out a few of the home’s rare flowers and exchanges them with him before he gets the bottle of these characters. “My biggest wish is to wait a few years to organize a bottle exhibition so that more people can see my collection!”

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