Book binding quality problems and solutions (2)

5, poor production environment
In the printing industry, we all know that the prepress working environment is the best, followed by the printing shop, and the bound production environment is the worst, while the production environment of the individual binding enterprises in townships and villages is even worse. Some of the binding plants are located in simple adobe houses, some of which are even semi-open; and most of the plants do not have heating in the winter and require coal burning stoves. Such conditions cannot guarantee the quality of products at all.

6, management is not in place
The enterprise lacks a complete set of quality management system and lacks an effective monitoring mechanism. Some companies are reluctant to set up full-time quality inspectors and purchase necessary equipment to save money, and they are unwilling to improve the existing labor environment. Enterprises lack professional technical training and quality education for employees.

7, low wages
As some publishers have repeatedly reduced the price of printing and binding work, the profit margin of enterprises has been continuously reduced, and some of them even can only maintain capital, thus creating a vicious circle for the quality of binding. First, companies do not have the money to invest in equipment and improve the labor environment. Second, companies cut down costs and do not use suitable binding materials. Third, workers have low incomes, lack of enthusiasm and initiative, and unstable workers.

Improve the quality of binding
In order to improve the quality of book binding, the publishing and printing industry will develop healthily and provide readers with quality spiritual and cultural products. After understanding the problems, the printing and binding industry should start from related parties and strive to improve the quality of binding.

1, attach importance to the binding process

Quality is the life of a company. It runs through every aspect of production. It is necessary to improve and ensure the quality of products. The person in charge of a company must first attach great importance to the quality of products and the survival and benefit of the company. If the quality of the bookbinding is improved, the overall quality of the book will increase significantly. Secondly, we must pay close attention to the training, education and management of employees, and formulate a complete and effective quality management system, so that the quality of the employees is truly in my heart, the benefits are in my hands, and the importance of product quality is recognized, and the quality will be improved. Quality is the top priority for business management.

2, pay attention to science
Book binding has its own characteristics. If it violates the binding rules during work, it will naturally not achieve the quality it deserves. For example, folding a four-fold page must break, release air, in order to make the signature level, uniform thickness; 70g/m2 thick paper can only fold three fold or two fold, in order to ensure that the page alignment and page image alignment; The folded signatures must be bundled and pressed to match the pages; the copperplate paper must be dry enough to fold, match, and cut; otherwise, the graphics and texts will adhere; the film products must be compacted and cured after a certain period of time; Book shells should be naturally dry, not artificially dried and so on. Failure to speak scientifically in the production of violating the operating procedures and not paying attention to minor links is the main reason for the quality of the products. In addition, in terms of processing time, printing companies should negotiate with publishers according to their specific processes, and clearly point out the quality problems that may be caused due to insufficient time, in order to obtain a more adequate processing time and ensure the quality of binding.

3, the use of high quality, suitable binding material
In the binding material should be used as much as possible on the quality of the road material, which is the basic guarantee of product quality. There are many ways and means to reduce costs. They should not be reduced to materials. Otherwise, publishers rejecting products or receiving prices at lower prices will bring greater losses to printing companies.

4, increase equipment investment, improve the production environment
There are many binding equipments, and binding companies can do everything within their power. However, specialized equipment should be used as far as possible in the main and key processes. In this way, not only the production efficiency is high, but also the products are standardized and unified. For example, many bookbinding factories have already switched to folding machines. In fact, long-term considerations are not necessarily higher than the labor cost, and the quality of folded thick paper, folded pages, and rolled pages is better than manual folding. In addition, the improvement of the labor environment can have a multiplier effect in improving the quality of processed products after printing.

In fact, there are many factors that affect the quality of binding, and there are many factors. As long as you grasp the key links, focus on key technologies, and start small, you will certainly greatly improve the quality of current books. It is hoped that each and every enterprise and every employee can really attach importance to binding quality ideologically, study in a down-to-earth manner, and solve books and magazine binding problems, so as to provide readers with more and more exquisite spiritual and cultural products.

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