Goss launches automatic conversion job (AT) function

Goss International has launched web printers to compete in the short live market with greater efficiency and lower costs.

The automatic changeover (AT) function used on the Goss Sunday presses has enabled printers to complete the conversion of print jobs without stopping the machine. The operator can stop printing at the same time as one or more printing units print, thereby reducing labor intensity and eliminating paper waste and downtime between jobs. The automatic job change function enables simple and straight paper paths without the need to change the direction of the rollers or the exhaust rollers, and can be placed anywhere on the printing line. The printing machine with 2 AT units can easily realize the conversion of monochrome jobs; the printing machine with 8 AT units can complete the conversion of four-color jobs without stopping the machine.

According to one user, they can turn on the corresponding printing units in turn without stopping the machine.

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