Although the nail art is beautiful, the trap can be revealed by many experts.

  Manicure is a new industry in the beauty industry. Manicurists have their own innovative ability to play on the smallest nails, painting flowers, diamonds, phototherapy resin painting and so on. And the change is not away from its sect, the nails are inseparable from the nail polish, and now the nail polish is also varied: matt crystal sand nail polish, colored nail polish, glazed nail polish, and so on. According to the reporter, the most popular one is the nail polish, but when it is made of nail polish, there are usually several steps: grinding the nail surface → coating the adhesive → applying the first layer of nail polish → applying the second layer of nail polish Glue (adhesive creative drawing) → according to blue light (ultraviolet light). In these procedures, it is possible to cause harm to the human body. The most harmful to the human body in nail art is the use of inferior nail polish, which will definitely damage the deck. Let's take a look at the damage that reveals it.

Although the nails are beautiful, but the traps are quite a lot. Experts reveal four major damages.

Damage 1: Polishing and waxing damage A

For the sake of beauty, the manicurist will use special fine sand and suede sticks to polish your fingernails. After such “processing”, you will find that the nails become smoother, so every time you make a nail, the girls are willing Polish the nails. But slowly, the nails will become thinner and softer. It turns out that the nail surface is often polished, which can damage the nail enamel. It is necessary to know that once the nail is protected from enamel, the protective function of the nail is destroyed, and it is easy to cause infection by fungi such as fungi. Many nail shops, such as scissors and tweezers, have not been thoroughly disinfected, which can easily infect nails, handcuffs, athlete's foot and other diseases, and sometimes cause cross-infection.

Damage 2: Nail oil contains various chemicals

Ordinary nail polish contains a large amount of organic solvents, mainly acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate and the like. Inferior nail polish has a pungent taste and contains formaldehyde and benzene.

Applying these chemicals to the surface of the nail will cause the surface of the nail to be pigmented, dry, yellow, brittle, and dull. Although there are some natural nail polishes on the market (not containing phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene), the effect is not so good, just like hair dye.

Although the nails are beautiful, but the traps are quite a lot. Experts reveal four major damages.

Damage 3: Phototherapy lamp is easy to cause skin aging

The eyebrows of nail polish all know that after brushing the nail polish, it is necessary to follow the blue light. This blue light is actually ultraviolet light, and the hand or foot is placed in the body for illumination, each time from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. This way of lighting allows the nail polish to harden and dry quickly. But who knows, this ultraviolet light has a main peak wavelength of 370nm, which is called "long-wave black spot effect ultraviolet light". It has a strong penetrating power and can directly reach the dermis layer of the skin, destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and even Causes skin aging and wrinkles. Have you ever noticed that your hands or feet have become black or wrinkles have increased?

Damage 4: nail discoloration

It is understood that the darker the nail polish, the greater the damage to the nail. For example, dark red, black nail polish may deposit on the nails and yellow the nails. Although the pigment does not affect the keratin structure of the nail and does not affect the skin through the nail, it will definitely affect the appearance, because if the nail is not applied, the nail looks yellow and feels dirty, therefore, The crush has to be painted with nail polish to cover the yellow, which creates a vicious circle. >>>   Fresh green buds and green eye makeup add spring to the autumn

Tips: How to use nail polish correctly

1. Before applying nail polish and removing nail polish, it is best to apply a maintenance oil on the nail to prevent pigmentation.

2. When applying nail polish, it is best to apply only the upper part of the nail, not the white part of the half moon, for the nail to breathe; or at least one day for your nails to rest for a day, wash off the nail polish.

3, after applying nail polish, it is best not to take food by hand, especially oily foods such as fritters and cakes, because the compounds contained in nail polish are fat-soluble and easily dissolved in the oil of food. Eating such food can endanger health.

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