Provincial Consumers Association issued a warning to buy children's furniture should pay attention to environmental protection and safety

Children's Day is approaching. In order to guide consumers to scientifically purchase children's furniture and create a safe consumption environment for children, the Provincial Consumer Association has spent nearly a month investigating the provincial children's furniture market. In this survey, a total of 9 children's furniture stores were visited, involving 23 brands of children's furniture, which basically reflected the situation of the provincial children's furniture market .

According to reports, the survey activities took the form of on-site viewing experience, mainly to check the content of formaldehyde and heavy metal (color limit paint) in the furniture inspection report, whether it has furniture instructions, whether the sharp corners are treated with circular arc, and experience the irritating smell of furniture and furniture. Stability and firmness.

According to the survey, children's furniture manufacturers are mostly in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan, etc., and Beijing, Jiangsu, Sichuan and local manufacturers also account for a certain proportion. Most of the substrates are sheets, and some brands use pine. Most of the dealers can provide test reports, and some brand furniture provides separate test reports for formaldehyde and paint. Most children's furniture sharp corners deal with the safety of children. However, there are also a few brands with sharp corners that are not finely processed, and individual brands have irritating odors.

Through the investigation of the provincial children's furniture market and consulting relevant professionals, Bai Tongjiang, deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Consumers Association, reminded consumers to pay attention to the following points when purchasing children's furniture:

First, environmental protection. First, ask the dealer for the relevant test report. Safety and environmental protection is the first element of purchasing furniture, especially children are in the stage of growth. When purchasing children's furniture, pay attention to check the test report, pay attention to the content of formaldehyde and heavy metal (color limit paint); secondly, choose the child. When choosing furniture, it is best to choose a product with less adhesive, and the formaldehyde content is relatively low. Third, carefully choose furniture with too bright colors, because many bright oils contain heavy metals.

Second, security. Children's nature is lively and active. In order to avoid being hurt by furniture when playing, when buying furniture, it is necessary to see whether the corners have prominent edges and corners, whether the corners are reasonably curved, and whether the rivets for fixing furniture are exposed. Or a soft object such as a rubber strip is reasonably placed to prevent the child from being bruised during running. The bed should have a guardrail, strong and have a certain height to prevent the child from falling down from the bed during sleep.

Third, growth and practicality. Children are in the stage of growth and development. Considering the growth of children, it is best to choose the size of the adult bed in terms of size so that the child can continue to use it to avoid unnecessary waste. At the same time, considering that the children's room is generally small, consider a bed, wardrobe and desk in one multifunctional furniture, which reflects the combination of space and the practicality of children's furniture.

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